Deep Kissing

My wife loves kissing. Not just normal frenching, either, although she's happy to have plenty of that. She really likes a deep, gagging tongue working hard into her throat, too.

She opens her mouth as wide as she can, moves her own tongue out of the way, and lets me get mine in there as far as physically possible. I pull and hold her jaw down firmly, forcing her mouth open as far as it can go, until she's squirming around in helpless, happy distress. I hold her hair in my other hand and keep it steadily pulled down so her head tilts way back, too. We leave her hands free so she can push me off or tap when she's had too much, and I'm getting very impressed with how long she's able to stand it, not to mention how deep she's letting my tongue get.

She's gags and heaves, but so far she hasn't actually puked yet. She always taps out or pushes back just in time. We've been playing this way during our lovemaking for the past several months now, and she says she's ready finally let the puke happen. She admits she's a little scared, but she likes that part of it too, of course.

While I'm not thrilled with getting puke in my mouth, I do love dominating her, so I figure that it'll be worth it. I hope to cross this threshold within the next couple weeks, actually.

She's also nearly getting down to the root of my **** nowadays, and she's letting me use her head more and more forcefully, letting me face **** her with more authority. I think once the puke-gate is opened up for her with the kissing, she'll be more than willing to puke all over my ****, which I am very much looking forward to.
imunderher imunderher
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1 Response Jul 28, 2010

This is an incredibly erotic story -- I share the same fetish for really, really deep kissing. A woman's sweet, juicy mouth is an amazing place to explore!