Deeper And Deeper

My wife likes the same treatment. I tell her to open her mouth and keep her tongue out of the way. I lick around her lips, then inside where it is sensitive working deeper and deeper. If she moves her tongue I stop and spank her then start again. Eventually my tongue is as far as possible down her throat and she is warmed up for the next bit.
She will lie on the sofa with her head over the arm and open her mouth. I then offer her my **** and she sucks me into her mouth. I'll **** her mouth going deeper and deeper.
She will have her hands on my hips and push me out when she has to breath.
I have encouraged her. I told her that I would count down from 30 and when she pushes out she will get spanked the remaining number.
She will get her arse up and apologise for not getting to 30 and thank me for punishing her. Then it's back on the sofa to try again.After several sessions she can now open her throat and take it all until my nuts are on her nose.
After several efforts to get to 30 I'll spanking her then I'll grab her hips and ram my **** into her and **** her as hard and fast as I can. I have to hold her up as she struggles to keep still.
The first time we did this she peed when she came it was that strong. Of course I have to punish her for that too.
far2wicked far2wicked
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

Interesting. I LOVE ******* my wife's fave and she swallows. I also love it when she pumps me off using a pair of her panies between her hands and my ****.