She Put Me In My Place...finally

This afternoon my wife came home from work in a bad mood. After about ten minutes i went over to kiss her again, but she said she didn't want to be kissed. She went to the bedroom and came back in just a few minutes. She walked up behind me as i was straiting the coach pillows. She put her arm around my wait and pushed my head down on the coach telling me to stay there. She slapped my *** HARD then pulled my boy-shorts down just below my ***. At that point my shy villanella sex wife, spanked me till i begged her to stop. She just got harder spreading my checks wide and spanking my hole and balls. Finally she stopped and started to rub my sore ***, asking if i liked her like this. "Oh hell yes I do" Then she told me to put my check against the wall behind the sofa. As so as my face touched the wall she shoved her strap on all the way up my ***!! NO LUBE! I cried out in pain and pleas er. Please baby it needs lube, I begged. NO. Before you came out and told me about being transgendered, you where a ****. You treated me like a sex toy. I took it cause i love you. Well Now you are my ***** and ill use you anyway i please!
All this time her **** was buried in my ***. She wrapped a towel around my waist spit on my *** and ****** the hell out of me. she would pull out place the head against my hole then use the towel to jerk me back to her as she jammed her **** in me. She slapped my face, telling me she had another surprise for me. She spit on my *** again then as she **** my sore little man-***** she inserted two fingers in also. She came at that point rather hard. She pulled out made me get on the floor and lick her clean. OMG she has never been that wet before. She came again on my face. When she finished she got up and told me to go fix dinner. I headed to the bath to clean up and was told NO. She made me fix dinner covered in her juice. It was the best night of my life so far! If she could just be that way all the time. I really love to serve and be a good little *****!!
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36-40, F
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

great story. you are a very lucky person