Playing With The Devil. (( Giggles ))

I have always been attracted to the darker side in some ways. I am the perpetual good girl that was looking for the bad boy to release my inner ****. While playing with angels may be the safer thing to do I always feel more sexually alive when playing with the demon. 
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Well you can play in the dark. Being dark and awakening the dark...lets play in the dark

I like the light too. I am not afraid of the light or the dark.

But you are blind folded!!

Doesn't matter my light will still shine.

Absolutely! ! Where am I touching you now?

Let's see... I don't know! Too much medicine to feel anything. :(

Awww hun....cuddle time

It has been rough for fungirl the last few days. I feel like someone ripped my bones apart and scraped them with a dagger.

Awww i play good dr...shhhhhhh sleep

I took that medicine. I have to take the ones that make me sleepy in a few minutes so I will be out. I most likely won't remember these conversations tomorrow lol.

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A lot that live in darkness and are afraid to come to the light.

So many devils and demons out there.

A lot that live in darkness. Always afraid to come to the light.

Yes the darkness protects us the most.

And some live in darkness and don't realize it.

True very true.

Of course. I am the light. I do not lie. :)

Like a moth to the flame baby.

Tee hee! You know that sometimes that light is a bug zapper, right?

The zapping is for you.

Haha! You are a funny demon. You got jokes tonight.

A whole book of them.

I knew you had to be getting help somewhere to be so witty so quickly lol.

It's not cheating.

I didn't call you a cheater. I just said you are darker and much less witty than the fungirl. That is all lol.

Ahhhh so you think.

Remember I am the light and there is no negativity in me Only positive statements of truth (giggles))

Of course perhaps I shall prove the light.

Just remember I have the bug zapper waiting.

I welcome the challenge.

You know I will win because the light always smothers the darkness. :)

Not in caves

Come to the light demon... Come to the light and be healed. :)

I ain't going in no cave... everyone knows there are bats in there and they like blond headed chicks with long hair. nu uh. you can't make me go in no cave. Not happening lol.

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I think we all need to release our inner **** now and then.

I can relate. The angel persona is nice but every once in a while the devil must have her fun.

Rough is the only way, I live a ruff life style it helps keep me iinterested in the gal at the time. Am still waiyin for a gal with a very high sex drive to match mine. If you think its you inbox me am sure I can prove you wrong. Lol

Nicely said :) Just make sure you don't get burned while playing with fire ;)

you dont need a clue now do you

hmmmmm my name is lois cypher work it out ???

@ More: Maybe that is true but I always end up going with my good guy in the end. :)<br />
<br />
SM, And rough flat on my back too. ((giggles))<br />
<br />
Nasty, DEVIL lol

haha you only needed to say devil and you had me at that ..........:)


Please allow me/ To introduce myself/ I'm a man/ Of wealth and taste" Hee hee hee......

Couldn't of put it better myself :)~ Molly


Awesome. Have fun reading.

I love angels SM.

:) there are some demonic forces in play sometimes.


LOL I havent blocked you

haha you are too cute Xander.

YES THEY ARE. especially if I am in them lol

LOL always the glasses. hehe

Haha with the bun on top of my head and the two pencils holding it in place like chopsticks?

Let me PM you with the answer as it will be rather long and tedious for others to read.

me too but I am not very good. :) actually I am a technical writer but I prefer writing fiction.

Tada, Haha i used to be a librarian and one of my majors was accounting lol.<br />
<br />
Not all. some don't even like to play JRN.<br />
<br />
Mother. You can be whatever you want to be if you just set your mind to it.

Awww Ron. I am sorry. I like good guys too!<br />
<br />
I love Hellraiser Jimmy!

I once ventured into my darkside to get out of the sun. Never got out again cuz I got stuck in the sticky tar covering the surroundings.<br />
Is nice there too. Thos three guys from Hellraiser are there as well, which is convenient cuz now we can play cards... BDSM-poker is our fav game.

I am a hottie girl

until? there is more?((giggles))

isnt that why we are here?<br />
Make each one think more naughty thoughts until....

((giggles)) fair enough. You are good at this flirting thing.

Only the ones that make me think naughty thoughts

awww you are so sweet to me. I bet you say that to all the fungirls lol

Just for you sweetheart LOL

I like the new avatar.

Thanks SM I know you got my back LOL<br />
Fungirlmmm listen to MOM


LOL you know it is true Xander!<br />
<br />
SM. thanks


You called?