Being Taken

my husband and i was talking one night he ask me what my best fantasy was, i though and told him i had always wanted to be take and forced to do what ever 4 or 5 men wanted and since the night at the new years party i like them to be well hung black men. Nothing else was said about it for the next couple weeks,but i had found myself thinking about it more and more even at work i think about it and get so turn on. Then one evening we came in about 8pm as we came in the house someone grab my husband and me one guy told my husband shut up and be quite. the one holding me said ***** i want some of that ***** and you are going to give it to me as he grab my breast he turn me around torn my top off torn my bra off pinch my nipples which were rock hard from being scare and turn on. he torn my skit of and panties he rubbed my ***** which was wet he smiled and told his friends this ***** wants some hard ****. with that they carry me to bedroom threw me on the bed. the leader told the other guys to ***** my husband and tie him in a chair near the bed so he could see how to really **** a woman. one guy got between my legs and was eating me another came up rubbing his **** on my face he said ***** tell me how much you want this at first i didn't say anything he said again tell me or i cut husband ball off with that i told how bad i wanted it and licked and sucked on it. the guy eating got up and started ******* me like crazy i was cuming and cuming the one i was sucking started cuming filling my mouth and face with *** he said you swallow every drop of it which i did by now my fantasy was coming so true and so good the one ******* came filling me no sooner that he pull out another just as big **** replaced him the one who had been ******* brough his *** soak **** to my mouth to lick his and my *** off. i felt someone biting on my breast just hard enough to feel real good. there were 5 guys all black well hung they each ****** me several times i sucked each of there ***** at one time i had a **** in every hole that hurt but i loved it. this when on till earlier the next morning they left me laying on the bed exhausted cover in ***. they left husband still tie in chair i finally got enough energy to go untie him i could felt the *** running out of me down my legs. he kiss my *** soak lips licking the *** from my face he lay me down and licked every inch of my body. he look up at me and smiled his face cover in *** honey did you like your fantasy come true, he had set it up and i loved it.
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Hot gang bang ! do you still take on 5 black guys ? mmmm

isn't that what a good hubby is for ?? lol making sure alllll ur wish's *** true ??
can u add me pleaseee ??

martha! you are a naughty *****!!! (and very hot!) I take my hat off to you (though I would rather it be my pants)

I re-read your story, and this time again it made me so extremely horny, and thanks to you I do have to start a session of urethra play combined with hours of electro-stim. Wish there were more women interested in this kind of play!

Good job a hopefully a repeat performance was in the making. My wife has a black **** buddy and his brother service her on most Sundays and usually once or twice a week and it is total hot for us as it is for her.

Fantastic story. I would love to watch my wife like that.

I love your story!<br />

Wow!! Hot story and sounds like everyone had a great time!

yes its true and what a night it was

Awesome story hopefully you get it again soon!