New To Rough Sex.. Where Has It Been All My Life!

I recently separated from my husband, we were having trouble for a while but when I became infatuated with my boss i decided it had to end.. after about a month working there, i couldnt take it anymore and declared my feelings to my boss. He said hes not looking for a serious relationship but we could "date" and "whatever happens happens.." well it seemed every time we had the opportunity to go on a date he would make excuses.. he called me at around 2am on one occasion wanting to see me.. but i declined.. not wanting to give the wrong impression..

Well, i wanted him ... bad. So I told him over text that I wanted him physically, and that we dont have to date, and of course... he agreed. That night he called me, we met at a hotel and made love for the first time. It was amazing, he did the hair pulling and stuff but what really caught me by surprise was the choking and the slapping, although he didnt do it much and he did it lightly.. he probably didnt wana freak me out.. but i gave him signs I liked it.

We continued to see each other.. and around the 3rd time we met he became a bit more aggressive.. he tried sticking his **** in my ***.. i was reluctant but he was insistent and as he pinned me down and ordered me to take it i struggled a bit and screamed as it went all the way in... he came in my *** for the first time. I felt raped, violated, but in a good way.

As we kept meeting up the violence escalated.. one night I met him at his shop, he went all out. When i arrived he started slowly, kissing me softly and biting my lips, touching my breast and twisting my nipples till i moan.. When I went down on him, he ordered me to take it all the way.. I tried my best but its hard.. he gets frustrated and slaps me across the face.. he pulls me up by my hair and gets in my face and tells me i must take it all the way.. he then shoves his fingers down my throat.. "dont bite.." he tells me.. he shoves them further down, making me gag.. "hold it.. breathe.." I tried breathing with his fingers down my throat but its difficult so i struggle to take desperate breaths while trying not to gag.. "when he gets as far back in my throat as he can he says "yeaaa.. thats where i want my ****, can you do that?" I nod my head while his fingers are still down my throat and tears running down my face.. so he pushes me back down on his **** again, making me take it and slapping me hard when i did it wrong..

After a while of that, he bends me over and starts licking me and biting my *** cheeks.. he bites them hard, so hard the next morning i was covered in purple bite marks.. then he starts ******* me.. before long hes pulling my hair back and shoving his **** in my *** again.. I scream and he starts pounding harder and harder... he slaps my *** occasionally as he ***** me.

Then, he stops.. he grabs me by the hair and drags me to a carpeted area of the shop and throws me on the floor.. he pulls my legs up and starts ******* me missionary style in the ***.. as hes doing this he grabs my throat and starts choking me, hard... he has a crazy look in his eyes.. it feels amazing.. but then i start panicking and i try to move his hands away but he's too strong.. he losens up but then starts slapping me repeatedly in the face.. he stops to caress my face a little and the slaps me again and starts kissing me..

Suddenly he says "open your mouth.." Im a bit caught off guard by his demand so I dont do as he says right away and he repeats "open your mouth.." I do it and to my surprise he spits into my mouth.. normally I would be absolutely disgusted by this act, ive seen it in ****** and it turns me off.. but coming from him it was amazingly erotic.. he tasted amazing and the thought of him having his way with me and being inside me in a new way really turned me on and I beg him for it ever since..

so this lasted for about 2 hours and he finally came in my *** and laied on top of me for a few minutes while he recovered, I was covered in his sweat. After, we cuddled and he held and kissed me very gently and we slept together on the floor of the shop till sunrise when I had to leave.

weve been seeing each other in this way for 4 months now... I think i can never go back to normal sex now, and I think neither can he. He has told me hes never done it that way with anyone else, so i believe we share something very special, we're each others prisoners. I think Im in love!

Sometimes it takes me 3 days to recover from our sessions and Im left with bite marks all over for longer.. I even have some faint bruises on my chest where his wrist rest as he chokes me.. sometimes i have bruises on my neck too.. my head hurts from the hair pulling.. and his smell is all over me.. I love the feeling, it reminds me of him and the fun we had.. he often slaps my ***** and by **** too.. its torturous but i love it and I dont know why!? when hes down on me he sometimes tries to stick as many fingers inside me as he can.. when I try to remove his hand he bites my hand and removes it.. he loves to see me struggle and needs to either be choking, slapping or gagging me to reach an ******.. he makes me tell him im his *****.. I tell him hes sick.. he tells me im sicker.. I think this is the most passionate sex one could have.. theres a complete trust and understanding in it.. the fact that he was my boss makes it even sexier.. man i love him..
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Mmmmm all my body went wet by reading it ... your lucky very i would do anything to get ****** like thatt ohhhh <br />
iwant that

so u like big **** n rough sex!!!!

yeah i adore it mmm..

Thanks for sharing your passionate experiences