Hard, Wild & Passionate

I think sex is the one opportunity where you should be able to let yourself go completely. I really don't want to have to hold myself back and don't expect that from my partner. I want to get ****** deep and hard, like my hair pulled, getting choked, slapped and spit on.
NicoleDoll NicoleDoll
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Free, natural, and wild as you want it is how it's meant to be

how do you mean hold back ! ! !

wow ,,, never would have thought that story from a woman that looks like you ! ! !

amen....i am in...if you want....check my pic and add me as a friend pls..thanks

Like your avatar photo, I see we share a common interest group, please add me as a friend, Mike

How is it handled if you are in the throes of a great ******* and you realize your partner is not into the sort of sex you want? Can you still enjoy the sex if , for example no choking is going to happen?

there is nothing like being in a comfortable environment where both can spend as much time and release without having to worry about the neighbors ;) start slow, some wine, maybe after a nice light dinner, go to a hotel. Sit down on the bed, knowing what is going to happen but letting the anticipation add to the pleasure as my hands slide along your back, we are both nervous but excited and as we approach each other to kiss, our hands are already exploring, feeling and touching...

I agree, whatever you want you should get. I hope you do get what you want on aregular basis. I wish I did! Regards Tuout

dam girl ,,you sound like a REALLY FUN TIME ! ! ! YUM,,YUM