Drove A Cab For A Short Time...

One of my calls was a little in the "Penthouse Forum" style, but happens to be true....

I can't believe this happened to me....At a bar mid afternoon, picked up an attractive and tipsy young lady. Being easy on the ear myself (British accent, how many conversations has that started? Lord knows 'cos I sure don't!)....she started asking questions which quickly became of a personal nature including "Can we go somewhere and ****?".

Coincidentally not too far from my house and living alone as I was, I quickly came to the conclusion that indeed we did have a place close to ****....

She slipped into the front seat and we mutually grabbed genitals...Meter on pause and driving kinda fast, I made it home, and swiftly into the bedroom. Clothes off, she sucked a mean **** (I returned the favor with pleasure) I slid easily between her thighs and started to **** hard and fast.

We were good together, we both liked the same style of hard and nasty sex...seemed natural to me when she demanded to be choked while we ******. I seemed the shock the **** out of her by doing exactly what she asked for, not some weak assed throat grabbing, but by putting my knuckles on her wind pipe and applying my weight cutting her breath immediately.

She looked excited and terrified, I eased up and asked if this is what she wanted, nodding and gasping I obtained consent and finished her off easing up on my weight as I watched her fight and pump back at my **** in gratitude.

After her multiple **** and my one gigantic effort, she confided how excited she was to meet someone that understood what she really wanted, total and complete loss of control while exploring her ******* on the verge of unconsciousness.

We dressed, and proceeded and yes, I charged her for the mileage home the **** was free.
strangemale strangemale
51-55, M
May 9, 2012