Not Much Time

When my boyfriend and I have sex, there are two ways that it generally goes: short and rough, or long and gentle. Most of the time, we are on the side of short and rough because we generally have sex in the morning before either of us has to go to work. When we're doing it quickly, we can finish in about ten minutes.

There was one time that it was only a couple of minutes before my boyfriend had to leave for a few days for a work trip, as the cab would be arriving soon to pick him up. He was super horny at the time, and wanted to have sex before he left. In all, from penetration to ******* was about 2 minutes. He was pounding so hard that I had my hands above my head and pushing off the wall to keep him from pushing me across the mattress.
mmylo mmylo
18-21, M
May 11, 2012