It Goes Both Ways

I've never had to try being rough while having sex. It just comes naturally to me and I'm sure it does to most people too. It differs depending on the situation but i usually don't exhibit the roughness right away. After the initial build up has passed and it goes beyond the moment of penetration, that's when i almost can't help myself. I feel the urge to simply takeover her body. My hands go all over her body and i start going deeper, harder, and faster. I grab and grope her all over never being able to stay in one place too long. I love the surprised reaction i usually get the first time when i take that leap to the intense/rough side. I love feeling her body as it starts to respond to how rough i get and of course, this makes me want it even more. Eventually i take complete control of her physically and i start positioning her quickly and forcefully while i continue pounding her harder and harder until neither one of us can stand it anymore. I also find it very arousing when the roles are reversed. Few things can really turn me on quicker then when a girl wants it so badly she begins tearing at her or my clothes to get them off as quickly as possible with no regard to whether or not something is ripped or buttons break off etc. I love when she immediately takes me into her mouth and goes up and down like she can't enough or when she grabs the back of my head and pushes my face between her legs and shove my face into her ***** and starts grinding against my mouth. The rougher and more assertive she is the more i enjoy because it's like she's showing me how badly she wants it. It really goes both ways and i thoroughly enjoy them both.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

absolutely and I agree with the switching...anything one way all the time is boring...I am naturally submissive, but its fun to be in control occasionally

I was beginning to think I was the only one. I can't do the same thing over and over and retain interest in it.

who can?*horrified look*

Idk but it seems most of the people i encounter prefer to keep **** the same and then I'm an *** because i grow bored with it? Just my luck.

I agree there are few things that turn me on more than being handled roughly, knowing the other persons desire for me is driving them crazy :)

Exactly. Not just knowing but feeling how badly they want it. can't get enough of it