He Called Me His Little S-L-U-T...

...The word echoed in my head as he pounded my *****. One hand was in my hair, forcing me to look up to the wall, the other pressing firmly on my neck, controlling my breath... He called me his dirty W-H-O-R-E as he flipped me over, pinning my hands down above my head as he pushed himself quickly into me, quieting my screams with a kiss. He called me his naughty B-I-T-C-H as he pulled out, grabbing my head with both hands and forcing himself roughly down my throat. He called me his precious slave as I gagged around him, unable to breathe, squirming and trying to pull away he started ******* my face.
And as he came he called me the best thing he's had for a long time. And that's good enough for me.
kaaylou kaaylou
18-21, F
4 Responses May 13, 2012

Wow! Great story. Loved reading!

You sound like a woman who has begin to realize that the center of her being is her ****. I am sure that is not the ONLY aspect to your personality, which is good, all ***** and nothing else makes it hard to have a real relationship. Also don't compromise safety standards for the sake of the O. Having said that, do continue on your journey of self discovery as a woman who can **** like a maniac.

Of course not, trust plays a huge aspect in sex like this. You have to trust your partner completely to let something like this happen. Which I did, and as it seems; 'compromising' my safety tends to do good things elsewhere xD

compromising safety with someone you trust is GREAT!!!!

sometimes... u just need a good rough *******

I can't be told too often what a **** or ***** or ***** I am... it's such a turn on for me to be called dirty names!