The Ex Wants It Rough .

My ex-wife just got out of prison . I had not seen her in 3 years and really did not want to help her but it was the only way to see the kids again . Right off the bat she is telling me about all the women she had while inside . I just wanted to drop her off in the middle of nowhere and let her walk the 300 miles back home . After an hour of mindless lesbian stories I finally ask her why she is telling me all this . She looks at me and tells me she found out something new about herself . She likes to be slapped around then ****** hard . I thought of all the times she called me a freak because of the things I was into now was my time to get revenge .
I let everyone around our apartment know what was going to happen (since I did not need to talk to a police ) and everyone was more than happy with it . Her 3rd night home I brought more beer and a **** . Horny and drunk she could not keep her hands off me . I finally told her if she wanted it she had to tell me how she wanted it . I love those cheap recorders that turn off and on by themselves . She want to be slapped and hard . I slapped her once and she just laughed . The second one sent her to her knees and the third one had her begging to be ****** .
I had her over my knees and was spanking her hard with my hands as she begged for more . Finally I shoved 3 fingers into her hard and fast . I have never had a woman so wet before . She was dripping down both our legs and every time I pulled out it sounded so sweet and wet . When I finally bent her over I took her *** as it was tighter and just as wet . I had to shove a pillow into her mouth and she still managed to scream like a banshee . To this day I have not found another woman who love anal like she does . When a woman tells you she wants something or wants to try something better do it .
knightrunner3 knightrunner3
May 14, 2012