For The Love Of God! Slow Down!

I never thought I would be the one to say those words. I meet a childhood friend. He was buffed like a gorilla. Our fathers were so glad that we got along. And we did. Oh yes we did.

One thing led to another and he's in my room ripping my clothes off. There was no softness when he destroy my panties. He pinned me down, spread my legs wide and attacked my p*ssy, tongue toying with my cl*t and fingers pumping my wet hole. I came screaming like I was dying. I begged him to slow down....jesusslowdown...wait...ahhh...stop!...
Like he would listen to me.
He took his *ock in his hand and slapped it on my cl*t. I mewl like a cat. He thrust it in me and I swear the neighbor can hear my undying lustful scream. He **** me like a champ. On my back, my side, all four, choked my mouth with his d*ck and rammed it back in my c*nt. He flipped me over hold me on air and slammed me down on his c*ck. Again. And again. And again. Each pump earn a wail. Each wail is a ****. The man was insatiable.
Finally, finally he was about to ******* and I plead him to slow the **** down because he's beginning to **** me harder and harder, mercilessly pound me to sobbing. He growl and groan, his c*ck twitching franticly inside of me. He came screaming, groaning, while chanting f*ckf*ckf*ck, shooting his steams if **** into me. I dropped like a potato sack and fell asleep like a baby. Nothing else matter.
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

Luv crazy ***** like dat,did dat wit a gal in a clubs rest room some weeks ago.....add me baby

wow sounds super hot ... wish i had such a frnd

Mmmm...I love it that way! Sounds like me & my bf when we ****.