Letting It Go

Im a 28 year old guy and I love rough sex with my partner. I feel so at ease with it now and I have her to thank for that as it wasnt always that way. Before I hooked up with her I was, you could say, a little closed off when it came to sex. Dont get me wrong, I always enjoyed it but I was always afraid to take it any further than the usual techniques and positions.
This all changed when I met my partner (who I am now happily engaged to!)
I remember the first time we slept together, the sex was amazing. We'd had a few drinks and that was helping my confidence, I was kissing her passionately all over and we were working each other into a frenzy with our hands. I was still trying to be tender though, not wanting to get too excited and accidently hurt the girl I'd fancied and lusted after for so long. I knew she could sense this and she slid her fingers into my hair and grabbed it, looking into my eyes with a twinkle in hers and a sly smile I'd never seen her use before and saying "Im not made of glass you know". Wow, I thought. This girl really is something special, and that was the signal my body needed and what I needed to hear and the rest of the sex that night was not what I'd call rough but a lot harder than before, I drove my **** into her ***** much deeper and harder and we grabed and pulled on each others hair and we both enjoyed it a whole lot more.
Needless to say we kept seeing each other and one weekend I remember we we decided to stay at home the whole weekend and just enjoy each other. We were relaxing and watching a movie when I felt the familiar hand on my crotch, stroking and teasing my **** through my jeans. I began to feel more of an urgency in her teasing this time and she began to squeeze it harder and seeing that I was enjoying it started licking and lightly biting my neck, working her way down to my collar bone. By this time my hands were at work too, up her shirt, and caressing her big amazing breasts, softly playing with her pert nipples. She groaned and reched up with her free hand, grabbing mine in hers and squeezing it hard on her breast saying "I wont break". A surge of adrenaline gripped me, my head swam and my **** which she had now released from my jeans, swelled and throbbed in her hand and she responded by gripping it more firmly than anyone had before and began to jerk it hard and fast. My hands went to her jeans, franticly unbuttoning and removing them and almost tearing off her underwear. My fingers went straight to her already wet *****, delving into it while I returned the neck biting like she had been doing to me and the harder i bit, the louder her moans became. She grabbed my hair tightly the more I bit, pulling my face into her and rubbing my **** so hard I felt I would explode.
Not wanting to *** yet, not wanting this intensity to end, I worked my way down her amazing, curvacious body, biting and nibbling at her flesh on my way, getting little gasps of pleasure from her as I did, til I got to her ***** which I licked and ate, reaching up with my hands and teasing and squeezing her nipples hard between my fingers til she was as frenzied as I was.
When she couldnt resist it anymore she pulled my face back up to hers and slapped it hard.
What the hell?!? was my first thought. Had I done something wrong? was I being too vigorous? But, seeing her face and that same sly smile, I knew this was part of it, and I tried returning the slap.
It was probably the softest weakest slap I'd ever given!
I was still so nervous and scared of hurting this girl I'd come to love so much and I had never done anything like this before so I was completely unsure of myself and unsure of how rough I should be.
I knew she could see how scared I was, and for a moment her eyes softened, she held my hand and said "its ok your not going to hurt me, just let it go".
I smiled, and she knew that reassurance was what I needed, and so her sexy sly smile came back and her eyes burned again and she said "now is that all you've got you ******* *****!"
My next slap was harder. I still didnt do it that hard because I'd never slapped a woman before and I really didnt want to ruin this, but her reaction was one Ill never forget. She moaned and grabbed me, kissing me so hard it hurt, then shoved me away and slapped me again saying "thats ******* better, now **** me like a real man".
Then I knew we had both really let go, me especially and I could tell she was really enjoying it. I pushed her down roughly onto the bed and kneeled by her head grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth down to my ****.
Knowing I wasn't experienced in dirty talk, she prompted me by saying "are you my dirty boy?", I said "yes". She asked "what are you going to to do with that, dirty boy?", to which I replied "Im gonna **** your dirty mouth". She moaned in approval and I shoved my **** into her mouth, grabbing tightly onto her hair as I did, ******* her mouth hard. She started occaisionally pulling completely free of my **** and telling me to slap her which by this time I willingly did and after a few times I couldnt take it any more and I pulled her body up, spread her legs and drove into her waiting *****.
It was so hard to not ***, this was the most intense sex Id ever exprerienced. We were grabbing, biting and slapping each other. At one point we were both sat in an upright position, her legs wrapped around me as she bounced and writhed on my ****. She reached up, grabbed me round the throat, squeezed and ****** me even harder which felt incredible. She stared into my eyes and said "do you love being my dirty boy?", by then I coulnt't speak but she knew my eyes said "hell yes!" and she spat into my open mouth. We had experimented a little with spitting before so she knew I was ok with it, but with the added intensity of the strangling and her ******* me so hard, it drove me even more crazy! I flipped her over and drove into her from behind, ******* her harder than I ever had before, pulling her hair hard and slapping her *** til it was red raw and she climaxed with more intensity than she ever had. I began to slow it down, straining as hard as I could to resist *******, but she reached round and grabbed my ***, pulling me into her and keeping my rythm fast, saying "no, I want your *** now! I want your hot *** on my face and in my mouth right now!".
My reaction was instantaneous and I gave her exactly what she wanted, pulling her body round and bringing her face to my **** which straight away exploded my *** into her eager, waiting mouth. She grabbed my **** and rubbed it hard which sent an enormous wave of pleasure all over my body and squirted even more *** all over her beautiful face.
It was the most intense amazing sex I had yet experienced in my life and I was so happy that my wonderful partner had helped me to finally let go and enjoy sex in ways I was always too scared to before.
zombiekiller84 zombiekiller84
26-30, M
May 20, 2012