Just The Way I Want It.

Hello everyone. I have gotten a lot of requests for an anal experience and I recently had a really hot experience so I thought I would share.

The anal experience is with a guy the second time I ****** him but I think it is important to know the context and how I met the guy. I am terribly bad though at keeping things short so this story is very long, hope you guys don't mind. The story will first be about how I met him and then our second time *******.

I have just recently finished my exams and during my exam period I haven't been able to spread my legs as much as I would like. My dad had left for France on a business trip and he wouldn't be back for another 5 days. All of my friends have a different exam schedule and weren't done yet which left me to a boring evening by myself as everyone else was studying.

I decided that I would get ****** tonight and catch up for lost time during the exams instead of sitting home. I dressed myself with a slutty mini skirt, short enough to reveal my *** if I bent over, with thong underneath, a low cut top with no bra, quite a lot of makeup and my favorite heels and took the train to the city.

I went to a club known to be more for older people (if you haven't read any of my other stories, I like older men) and ordered something to drink and took a table for myself. It didn't take long before a guy made an approach but I quickly turned him down, he seemed nervous and was can't have been more than 27-28. Next guy who hit on me was of better age, forty something, but like the first one really didn't seem to be sure of himself so I kindly refused him as well.

After about 30 minutes, a tall man with short brown hair came towards my table. He was dressed quite ordinary, in jeans and a white t-shirt. He had a tattoo on his right arm, some sort of dragon. He had 2 drinks in his hands and he sat down at my table. He looked to be in his early forties. "Hello, my name is Erik. And what could a pretty little creature like yourself be named?" he said while at the same time pushing one of the drinks over to me.

Not an especially good pick up line but the fact that he pushed the drink to me and sat down made up for it. I somehow thought the gesture was bold, as if he didn't expect a no or a negative reply. I find that really attractive in a man, confidence and boldness. I told him my name and we shook hands. He had big hands and his hand swallowed mine as we shook. The thought of him touching me with them crossed my mind and the thought made a bit horny.

We talked for perhaps 5 minutes about general stuff, I managed to gather that he was 43 and 1.89 tall from the conversation. We got into music and he said "You really make me think of nickleback's song -you look so much cuter with something in your mouth- for some reason" and I actually thought that to be quite funny and witty way to say "I wanna **** you", I smiled and replied "Is that so?" and gave him a ****-me stare.

He rose from the table and said "let's dance some" and I followed him out on the almost full dance floor. I got a better view of his body now. He was definitely more muscular than the average man although it seemed as if it was remains from when he was younger as despite having a well defined chest and big arms, he had some stomach and was definitely not in top shape. Nonetheless, I liked his body.

He was definitely used to dancing, I very rarely dance with people his age as they usually don't want to or they are often just very bad at it, he was quite good at it though. He put his hands around my waist as we danced. As we danced, they slowly kept dropping a bit until finally they were on my ***. I could have stopped him at any point as he dropped them very slowly but I did not mind, I was horny by now and I quite liked him. I pressed myself against him and pressed my hand against his crotch. I could hear him giggle and then shouting in my ear over the music "Should a nice girl like yourself act like a ****? he said in a teaseful tone.", I leaned close to his ear and shouted back "What if I told you I am one". He replied by firmly squeezing my *** as we danced.

We kept dancing like that for perhaps 15 seconds, me pressing against him still with a hand against his crotch. I could feel him becoming half hard and I could feel him being quite big. His hands rested firmly on my *** during the whole time. He then stepped on my foot by accident as someone bumped into us and he shouted "sorry". By now I was really wet and horny from his hands on my *** and I wanted to get things going so I shouted back in a playful tone "You don't have to be gentle, I can take it". We looked each other in the eyes and I saw he was really horny now and I could feel his **** getting hard.

"let's go back to my place" he said and we went for the exit.

Here I am going to stop being detailed because if continue the story of our first **** is going to be insanely long as I haven't even started with the main story which is the about the second time we ******. But to summarize more quickly about the rest of the evening, it was amazing. On our way to his place, he grew bolder and bolder, went a bit further each time we said something to see how I would react but I just kept encouraging him. It took us roughly 35-40 min to get to his flat and when we got there he had stopped calling me my name and I was now referred to as "****, ***** and *****" and he had even stopped once during the walk to pull up my mini skirt and fondle me in an alley to "inspect the goods" as he said it.

The ******* was amazing, it was hard and rough. Spanking, slapping, name calling, hair pulling, he really made me feel like I was only a piece of meat he could put his **** in, nothing but a dirty little ***** and I loved it. Really was one of my best ***** ever. I usually don't give out my number as I prefer it to keep it at a one night stand but this guy I really liked.

The second story start with a text I got 3 days after the first time we ******. I had just woken up and saw I had a text from Erik. The text read “I am in need of a proper **** again and I know a ***** like you cannot get enough ****. Are you free tonight?”

I loved how he thought of me as a cheap little *****, that’s how I want men to treat me. I got friends and family enough to treat me nicely. I replied “Yeah I am available tonight but we need to do it at your place”. We could have done it at my place as my dad was still not home from France but although I like him, I am keen of my privacy and don’t want him to know where I live or risk having a neighbor seeing him.

He replied, “18:00 tonight, tell me where to pick you up. Do you do anal sex?”. I was wet already just from texting with the guy, the thought of him taking my *** really worked me up. I really enjoy anal sex, it turns me on so badly, it is the perfect combination of pain and pleasure. “You can have any hole you want” I replied and then told him where to pick me up. I would take the bus down to our local mall and let him pick me up there.

I have an enema home kit which I use quite regularly, not only because I like anal sex but also because I think it makes you feel "clean" and fresh for a few days after doing it. During the day I made myself “clean” and shaved my ***** clean. The day passed quite slowly as I was looking forward to the evening.

I didn’t wear anything in particular, jeans shorts and a top. I didn’t bother with underwear at all. Finally the time came and I took the bus down to the mall. He called me and guided me to where his car was.

His car was an average car, nothing fancy. I jumped in on the passenger side and said “hey, mind if I” and there he cut me off. I was going to say “mind if I make a quick phone call” as I had gotten a text from a friend just before. “Do you remember when we talked about music in the club?” he said instead. “No” I replied a bit confused. “Nickleback – you look so much cuter with something in your mouth – That is especially true for a **** doll like yourself”. As he said it, he took his right hand to the back of my head and took a steady grip of my hair and firmly pulled me down towards his crotch.

The conversation and what was happening made me so horny, I felt so cheap. He was wearing brown shorts with a red t-shirt today. I pulled down his zipper and found that he wasn’t wearing any underwear either. I pulled his soft **** out and put my lips around it. I love his ****. It is around 7 inches long probably but quite thick and it tastes wonderfully.

As soon as he felt my lips close around his **** he pressed my head all the way down which I could comfortably handle as he wasn’t hard yet and let out a sigh of relief. I love to hear men sigh of pleasure. Meanwhile, I kept thinking if anyone had seen us as the parking lot was quite populated or whether someone would go so close to the car and see me. But instead of deterring me, it just turned me on.

With my lips around his ****, he started the car and started driving. He still had a firm grip of my hair in his hand and he started to slowly **** my mouth, pushing me all the way down and then all the way up to the top of his penis, just so his **** didn’t fall out of my mouth and then down again. I could feel his **** growing harder in my mouth. I love to take a soft **** in my mouth and make it hard.

“just like that you *****” he said. Soon his **** grew hard enough for it to become hard for me to go all the way down. He was starting to hit the back of my throat and I could feel my gag reflexes starting to work. He shoved himself all the way down my throat again but instead of starting to go up when he hit the end of my mouth he kept pressing and I relaxed my throat and his **** went down my throat. “oh ****” he grunted and I could feel the car suddenly going a bit to the right as he pulled out of my throat.

“not all the way down while I am driving” was all he said and then he kept slowly pressing me down to the start of my throat and then back up. I loved that he had enjoyed himself so much that he couldn't drive properly. All of a sudden he pulled me up from his ****. “Take off your top”, I happily obeyed. I saw that we were driving on the highway and I asked him “How long is it to your place?”. He just grinned and said “**** toys don’t speak. Keep sucking” and once again I put my lips around his **** and started to suck.

As I sucked him, his hand left my head and found its way to my breasts. He gripped the right one and gave it a hard squeeze. I gasped a bit with his **** in my mouth from the pain of his rough grip and stopped sucking for a second because of it, more wet and hornier than before, I continued sucking.

His hands found my erect nipple and he said “don’t stop sucking this time” and gave my nipple a squeeze, not particularly hard but hard enough for it to hurt a bit but I kept sucking as if nothing had happened. He had learned quickly the first time we ****** that pain got me going and he seemed to have remembered that.

I kept sucking him for about 25 minutes slowly while he swapped between pinching my nipples and taking hold of my hair. I started to feel he was close, his breath became heavy and he had told me to go with an even slower rhythm than before. We had left the highway I knew and the car suddenly made a tight turn, slowed down and eventually came to a stop.

I tried to lift my head from his **** and ask if we were there but as I started to lift my head his hand pressed me down again. I felt him take his other hand on the back of my head now as well. “I don’t want a mess in the car, ****” he said and I knew what was coming.

He pushed me down again but this time all the way down. Although I was prepared for it, it still hurt a bit when he pressed it all the way down my throat and I could feel my eyes becoming a bit watery. He pressed his **** up and down my throat a few times and then shoved it all the way down and grunted as he exploded in my throat.

I could feel hot *** going down my throat and the head of the penis swelling in my throat. He kept me down there for 5-6 seconds as he shot hit load and I was starting to run out of air and my gag reflexes were going crazy, I hadn’t been prepared for the last shove he did and hadn’t had time to catch my breath. I tried to pull up but his hands were tightly on my head for another 3 seconds before he let me up.

“A proper meal for a ***** like you” he said, almost breathing as heavy as I was while putting his **** back into his shorts and zipped his pants. I had tear in my eyes and my throat hurt but I was extremely horny. I had loved his grunts when he came and the way he had treated me.

I saw that we were on the backside of a gas station. He saw that I had tears in my eyes and actually asked “Hey, are you okay?”. I smiled at him and said “I told you, you don’t have to be gentle, I can take it” and asked him if we were close. He just laughed and said “Are you so eager to have a soar *** as well?”, I just smiled at him and he said “we are there in 30 min. Put your top back on”.

The remaining 30 minutes were spent in silence listening to the radio. I started to recognize the area now from our walk to his place on our first meeting and soon we parked on his front yard. We got out and got into his house.

As soon as he closed the door, he came up behind me and dragged the top over my head. He then seized both my breasts and squeezed them roughly and I let out a moan. I don't know why but I like pain, the idea of letting him hurt me just to turn him on is for some reason very hot. I pressed my *** against his crotch as he was grasping my breasts, "such a nasty little girl" he said, took his hands away, laid them on my shoulders and pressed me down on my knees. "on all four" he said and I obeyed.

Still behind me, now on his knees, he undid my jeans shorts and pulled them down to my knees. I was still soaking wet from the ******* in the car and his recent gripping of my breasts. I could feel a finger touching my outer ***** lips, going back and forth and suddenly he put it in. I moaned as he pressed it halfway way in. He kept it halfway in but I put some weight on it myself by lowering myself against his finger so it went all in, it felt so good. *smack*, a burning sensation was left on my right butt cheek as he gave my *** a hard slap, "*** high up" and I raised my *** again so his finger was still only halfway in.

He pulled his finger out and got to his feet. I could hear him kicking his shoes off and pulling down his shorts. I was hoping for him to **** me right there and then but he walked up in front of me with a half *****, looking down upon me with horny eyes. He seized my hair and pulled me to his ****. This time he wasn't slow. He shoved it all the way to the bottom of my throat, my nose buried in his belly.

He grunted of pleasure and pulled me out to let me catch my breath. He shoved himself all the way in again but this time bent over and removed his hands from my head, I knew he wanted me to stay so I kept myself pushed against his belly. I felt his hands on my *** and then he pulled my *** cheeks apart. "I hope your *** is ready for a good ****" he said while keeping my *** cheeks spread. He released the grip of my *** cheeks but before he straightened himself, he gave my *** a hard slap which again left a searing pain but this time on my left *** cheek.

He pulled out again, gave me a few seconds to catch my breath. By now I had tears in my eyes again, but this time he didn't care to ask if I was alright. He put his middle and index finger in my mouth and told me to suck them. He then gripped me hair and started pushing me against his **** again. He didn't thrust anymore as he was now completely hard but forcefully pressed it slowly down my throat, released his hands from my head again and bent over.

I could feel a finger pressure against my anal. I tried to relax but it was hard with something down your throat and not getting any air. He kept pressing forcefully and I could feel pain starting to build up as my muscle refused to relax. He kept pressing and suddenly it gave way and I could feel his finger sliding inside me. I moaned, more of relief that it had gone in rather than pleasure.

By now I my gag reflexes were crazy so I had to pull out for a few seconds. His finger was still in my ***, just the tip of it inside me. I could feel my ******* squeezing around his finger and I tried to relax. "I hope you squeeze my **** just like this, ****" he said, slapped my *** again with his other hand and then started pressing it further in.

I didn't take his **** in my mouth again but instead I just stood on all four trying to relax. He slowly but determinately pressed on until it was all the way in and then held it there for a few seconds before pulling it out again. He started pressing it in again but this time it went smoothly and effortless back in. He went all the way in and back a few times. He stopped when his finger halfway up inside me and I felt his another finger pressing against my backdoor.

This time he wasn't as careful as the first time and forced it in quickly, my poor muscle could do nothing but to give in and now he had both his fingers in my ***. I stood completely still, biting my lip, l trying to cope with the pain which had came from his reckless entrance. Despite that it had hurt and was still hurting, I was so wet and horny. I don't know what it is but pain somehow triggers me, the idea that he did something which would hurt me and didn't care was making me horny.

He started moving his fingers all the way in and then almost all the way out with his 2 fingers. "I never told you stop sucking, *****" he said and gave me another hard dash on my ***. I took his **** into my mouth again. I pressed myself against him and I could feel his member going down my throat again until my face was buried in his belly and pubic hair.

As I stood there with his **** in my mouth, he started working a fast tempo with his fingers. I started nearing my limit again of how long I could have his **** in my throat so I pulled out and as I did he pulled his fingers out as well. After letting me catch my breath for 2 seconds he put his fingers in my mouth, "suck them" he ordered and I did. Made me feel so filthy and nasty and I am sure he had intended it to be degrading but I loved it. I looked up to see his eyes and I saw that he was crazy horny.

He took his fingers out of my mouth back took hold of my arm and almost dragged me up, "come he said". He starting pulling me with him and I almost fell as he had forgotten he hadn't taken my shorts completely off but he managed to catch me. I took my shorts off and then we walked into his bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed so I laid on my stomach. He put a hand on the bed as he leaned over me.

I felt his **** pressing against my ******* and I felt right away there was no way he was going to be able to enter. "you can't" I said. "What do you mean I can't?" he replied but he stopped pressing. "you're too big. You'll need to stretch me more". "So the ***** wants to get stretched? Fine" He spat in my butt and I could 2 of his fingers pressing against my opening. They went in quite easily. He thrust them in and out a few times before starting to press a third finger inside me. This one hurt a bit but went in without too much trouble.

Anal sex is a bit contradictory to me. I love anal sex but for other reasons than purely feeling. Purely feeling wise, it is okay, definitely not better than vaginal sex. And if you take into consideration all the preparations you have to do for it, it is a lot worse than vaginal sex. Yet I love anal sex. Firstly, it is taboo and it makes me feel dirty and cheap, I love that. Secondly, I like the pain which comes from good anal sex, it turns me on. Thirdly, the idea of doing something which you quite don't enjoy just for the man's pleasure is a huge turn on and I think you feel really exposed when a man is inside your ***, so fragile and he is in total control and I love that. So I guess I like the mental aspect of it.

After ******* my *** with his 3 fingers for a minute or so, he again spat in my *** and started pressing a forth finger in. Now it started to become tough and he could feel that as well as he did not press as recklessly as he had done with the other fingers. He applied a constant pressure against my *** and held it there for about 30 seconds and finally my muscle gave away and it slid in.
He now had 4 fingers inside me, 2 from each hand. He held his fingers still for a few seconds and then started to **** me with his fingers again. I was squeezing his blanket with my hands both from pain and pleasure. He kept going for about a minute and then pulled his fingers out.

He pulled me over and made me slid down from the bed. He took a grip of my hair and he forced his **** inside my mouth and down my throat. He forced his **** up and down my throat a few times and then dragged me up and tossed me on the bed again. He spread my cheeks one more and spat in my ***.

He put a hand on the bed again, the other one around his **** and leaned over me and whispered in my ear "Now I don't care if it will hurt, *****. It's going in". I didn't say anything back but it made me so wet. He started pressing slowly against my *** with his **** and I tried to relax. My muscle was still reluctant to let him in and kept shut although being stretched recently by his fingers. He kept pressing though, slowly but forcefully. It started to hurt now and I moaned but not from pleasure and I am pretty sure he knew that as well. He kept true to his word though and did not seem to care.

I was being completely still just trying to relax and breathe slowly as he kept pressing and the pain kept growing. I could feel my muscle starting to relax a bit and feel the tip of his head sliding in. I was starting to breathe heavily now from the pain but he just kept pushing. He was very slowly going in a little for little until the whole head of his penis was almost in or in other words, the thickest part of his penis was almost in. The pain was very intense now but I knew if he just got a bit more in it would become easier so despite it hurting, I pressed myself against him and I felt his head going in and my anal close around his ****. I let out a sigh of relief as I knew the thickest part had gone in. "That's my good little *****" he said. Despite the pain, I loved feeling his **** inside me and hearing his heaving breathing which I knew was from excitement.

He kept pressing and although it did hurt, I didn't mind, it wasn't that bad. He went all the way inside me and I could hear him moaning. He pulled back slowly and then all the way back in. He placed both hands on the bed as he leaned over me and started going faster. Every time he pressed it in it hurt a bit but I loved it. He placed one of his big hands around my neck and started to **** me hard in the ***.

At that point, with his hand around my neck and he laying on top of me with his **** inside my ***, I felt so exposed, so out of control and so helpless and it turned me on so badly. He was thrusting himself inside me now and the pain and the pleasure combined was driving me crazy. I moved a hand under my belly and started rubbing myself as he was taking me. I felt an ****** building up quickly. I was moaning and whimpering and he said "Do you like that, my little worthless *****? Being only a toy for my ****?" all he got back was moans from me.

He kept going for about a minute before I had a very intense ****** which was intensified by him continue ******* me in the *** as if nothing was happening. He kept pumping for about 3-4 minutes before pulling out and again made me slide of the bed on to my knees. He sat down on the edge of the bed and gripped my hair and pulled me towards his crotch.

As he shoved his **** down my throat, he said in a mocking tone "Does it taste good you ****?" and as I was trying to pull his **** out of my mouth to answer him he just pressed me down again and kept ******* my mouth.

After ******* my mouth for a few minutes, he ordered me on all four and went down on his knees behind me. He put **** back inside me again without too much problem this time and put it all the way in. He seized my hair and started to **** me by pulling my hair. Although my *** had gotten used to his penis now, each thrust still sent out a wave of pain.

As I stood there on all four with a **** inside my ***, I thought to myself what a cheap **** I am. Letting a 43 year old, a man slightly younger than my dad use me and treat me however he wants and the thought just made me even hornier.

He started slapping my *** repeatedly as he was riding me and for each slap I moaned a bit from the pain and because it turned me on, it also seemed encourage him, "You nasty little **** ****" he said and increased the strength in his slaps a bit. He released my hair and seized my waist and starting pounding me hard. He kept doing this for perhaps 10 minutes, apart from break where he made me lubricate his **** again with my mouth.

By now my *** was completely red and was burning from his slaps. My *** was soar from his reckless pounding.

He pulled out of me and laid himself on his back on the bed. He told me to put myself over him. "place it in your ***" he told me. I quickly put it in my mouth to lubricate it and then placed myself over him with my face towards his. I took his **** in my hand and directed to my *** and pushed myself down on it and it slipped in. "Now ride me like a good *****" he said and put his hands behinds his head looking at me. I started riding him, up and down but apparently not fast enough for him as his hand went from behind his head to my ***, giving me a hard slap. "faster, ****" he said. I started riding him as fast I could and he placed his hands on my breasts gripping them roughly.

He took my nipples between his fingers and squeezed them hard as I was riding him and I gasped from the pain. "Faster" he said and I told him "I cannot go faster". And I really couldn't, I was already starting to get tired from riding him. "stupid *****" he said and took his hands around my waist and started ******* me, both thrusting himself up in me and slamming my body down on his ****. And compared to the pace he could manage I really was slow. He ****** me savagely and fast.

After a while of this, I could hear he was close to coming, his moans became more frequent and more intense just like his breathing. "I am coming soon, but this time I want to see you swallow it like a proper ****". He kept going for a few seconds until he pushed me away from him, he stood up in up in the bed, me on my knees and he grabbed my hair and put his **** in my mouth. He shoved it down my throat a few times until I could feel him tensing up. I made sure my lips were closely sealed around his **** as he exploded inside my mouth saying "holy ****" over and over.

I loved hearing him in so much pleasure. His whole body twitched and shuddered when I circled my tongue around his head as he kept shooting *** in my mouth. He kept his **** inside my mouth for almost half a minute, breathing heavily. When he pulled out I made sure to tilt my head back a bit so I didn't spill anything.

He still had a handful of my hair in his hand and used to bend my head back even more. "Show me" he said and I opened my mouth looking into his eyes as he stared down on me. He placed both of his hands on the side of my head and then bent down and kissed me on the forehead. "you're so beautiful" he said and for some reason I blushed. He had called me all sort of degrading things but I blushed to this.

"Swallow it" he said and I did. I really love swallowing ***, I think it is degrading to do so and I think why men like it so much is because they feel in control or superior. "You're such a good little **** toy" he said and then took my hair again with his hand and made me suck him clean until he went loose.

He asked me if I wanted to stay the night at his place but I had work in the morning so I couldn't. The drive back was uneventful, I guess he was too exhausted to use me as he had on the way there. We didn't really speak much, but I quite liked that, sort of reinforced my impression that to him I am only a *****, a **** object which he can use to satisfy himself and that's what I wanted.

This was really one of the best ***** I have ever had, this story really doesn't make the meeting any justice because it is hard to properly explain all emotions, smells and feelings in text, especially in a language which isn't your native one. My *** was soar for 2 days after that **** but every time it hurt, it brought a smile to my face. Erik will probably feature in some other story as I really like him and will continue ******* him.

Sorry for the very long story and I hope you enjoyed the read. Sorry in advance for any spelling / grammar mistakes.

Also thanks everyone for all the mails / gifts / comments. I read them all but I don't have time to respond to all of you. Love borntopleasure.
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