Rough Hell Yes

I was in my freshman year when this happened. I was at the sig ep house with my sorrity girls. At the time I was pledging. My friend told this guy that I was into that I love to have rough sex. I guess he thought that was awsome. I say that because the next thing that I know I feel this really hard smack on my ***!! All that I am wearing is a little cotton skirt and a thong. I could have sworn he blistered my ***. Anyway I looked at him with a lot of shock. He told me that my friend told him that I like rough sex. I laughed and told him that he could not handle my kind of rough sex. I took him to his room in the house.
I pushed him down and slapped his face leaving a big red mark. He wined at first then he quickly recovered and smacked me back! This excited me! So I spat on his face. He proceeded to push me onto his bed which excited me. He yanked up my skirt tearing it!! I practically came right then! He pulled my thong to the side and spit on my *** cheeks and *****!! Without evening fingering me he thrusted his **** right inside me. I felt so dirty and shameful for liking it so rough. He got his **** good and wet and then forced it into my mouth making me gag and tears form in my eyes!! I loved this!! I loved the way I tasted on his **** and he came all over my face and yelled for his brothers. He opened the door and showed me off covered with his ***!!!!
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4 Responses Jun 19, 2012

Rough stuff with an orgasmic sequelae. Deliciously erotic. Your stories are so hot they do it for me every time Beth. Sizzling story. Fontana

i love rough sex...esp when i spank ur tight *** and pull ur hair...u sound so fuken hot

Rough and nasty sex is the best ! how many frat guys did u suck and **** that day ? growl

he wanted to show them how much of a **** you were. so hot