I Like Rough Guys

I have been going thru some intense times sexually lately. After no sex for 5 years I let 2 guys use me and my roommate, Ruth, saw some of it.

Ruth was very supportive except that I did it bareback. I'm 62, she's 40, neither of us had ever been married, and I proposed. After a couple weeks of discussion I suggested she could be the boss and peg me and pee on me and she gave me 4 days notice and moved out. I never did screw her.

This isn't my apartment, it belongs to a woman who hasnt lived here in a year and Ruthless was my 3rd temporary female roommate. I've never had any problems finding roommates because it's a very nice place, and definitely a woman's apartment.

I found Lucia online. She is 26 and from Mexico and works and goes to school downtown, just a few blocks from here. She is very pretty, with long black hair and big dark eyes, big boobs, and the only flaw was that she appeared to be overweight. When she told me she was 6 months preggers and needed to get away from her boyfriend I knew I'd found my new roommate. I love the idea of a baby here.

Yesterday, one of the guys who ****** me, Don, who is 68, called and said he wanted to come over. I said no, my living situation had changed, I might meet him somewhere later, and said he would be here in 20 minutes and to get my fuckhole ready and come to the front door of the buidling naked.

I was upset but I told Lucia what was going to happen. She had been abused by her boyfriend and now I was going to let a guy abuse me for fun. I told her to just stay in her room and ignore the noise. I was in my room lubing my hole and she came in and asked if I wanted her to leave for awhile. So there I was, naked with a *****, all 3" of it standing up, and 2 slippery fingers up my ***. It was about 100 degrees outside and the only coolness was a fastfood place 3 blocks away. I cried and apologized, I can be such a big baby.

I was worried about going down to the front door naked but no one saw me, it was a Sunday and there should have been people everywhere, but maybe it was too hot.

Don was with a friend, Al, who was also an older guy. They had been to a bar and were pretty drunk and horny. None of us are gay, I'm submissive and love to feel used and they just wanted to **** something. They slapped my *** and groped me all the way up the stairs. Again, miraculously, no one saw us.

They were very rough and demanding. I like having my weenie and balls slapped but not my face, but they really slapped me around, my face, too. We were in the living room and I knelt and sucked their *****, both about 6", and ate their *****. They bent me over the back of the couch and did my mouth and *** at the same time, trading places so I had to suck dirty duck. They were verbally abusive about what a **** I am and they wanted to fist me.

I heard one of them say something about a fat-assed Mexican piece of **** and they asked if she was pregnant or just a fatso. I looked up and she was watching Don pound my puss. They told her to show her ***** and she did, it was the first time I had seen it and it's very hairy. They were going to **** her and I told her to go to the bathroom and lock the door and they said they were just funning, they weren't going to **** a pregnant woman.

They both came in me and then attempted to fist me. I'm 62 and a little too old for that. They wanted Lucia to fist me because her hands are smaller. I thought she was going to do it.

Al and Lucia went into her room and closed the door and Don got very rough with my weenie and balls, my nuts are swollen today and my **** hole is still aching. We used a lot of lube and he pounded me like a ***** and held onto my nuts and it took awhile for him to squirt again.

I was worried about Lucia but when they emerged she was okay. After Don and Al left she told me she'd sucked Al's "thing", it was dirty from my **** box but she said she hadn't sucked in awhile it was fine. She sucked her first **** when she was 8.

We had a long talk about my sexuality and she really did seem to be okay with it. She said it was very exciting to hear them doing me and to come out of her room and see me with dirty old man things in both ends. This is the 2nd roommate now who knows what I'm like sexually. It's embarrassing and humiliating but it's also exciting that I can relax and be myself around her and not have Big Secrets.

I want to offer to be her slave but I don't want to scare her away like Ruthless. I would like to lick her pregnant *****. I may show her this post.

I'll do anything you want, Lucia, and you know you don't have to be nice about it!
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I have had an SPH fetish for a long time but a few weeks ago I had a brand new experience. My girlfriend (who is well aware of my SPH) and I have been engaging in ********** and foursomes for a few years now. Not exactly prolific but we have done either/or about 10 times now with a number of different guys and gals. I have never had direct sexual contact with any of the other guys involved except a couple of times my gf wanted us to push our dicks together so she could compare the difference (The other guys were quite proud to do this as their's was at least twice the size. ) However during the course of a foursome with a couple we had got it on with before I allowed the other guy to **** me while the 2 girls watched.
I had fantasized about doing this and my gf had expressed a desire to see such an encounter but as i am not actually attracted to the activity itself I didnt realy expect to do it in reality. However in the heat of the moment I conceded and must admit that it was extremely arousing - not the ***-******* itself so much but knowing the 2 girls were viewing my humiliating submission to the other guys much much bigger **** and them seeing my tiny **** jiggling about as he ****** me was an extreme thrill.