If You Are Going To Do It, Do It Right

For a lady who was not very interested in sex until I met My final husband some 22 years ago, I certainly have changed my opinions. He showed me only 4 hours after we had met, that wild and rough sex was what REALLY made it enjoyable. That first night, I learned to be MULTI orgasmic, and to truly let myself go and ENJOY whatever happened.{something that certain others were VERY glad for me to feel}. I had much more sex in one night than I had had in over 25 years, and finally saw why everybody loved it so much. He did things to me that I had never even thought of, but with each new experience, I only wanted to try more, and try it HARD and FAST. My entire life has been MUCH better since we met, and I could NEVER go back to the old me. If you can't pound me for at least a couple of hours before resting, then do not waste our time. I have experienced very many men and they ALL have been amazed at exactly how vocal and vigorous that I am once they enter me. Never once had a "one night stand" as they always wanted more because as they tell me "I always wanted to meet a woman who would be so completely uninhibited as you are". A girl just wants to have fun. {and A LOT of it!}
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Sep 5, 2012