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What I Need to Enjoy Sex

I need bruises - fingerprint bruises on my ****, spanking bruises on my ***, bruises on my thighs when I've been rode hard and slammed. I want to be SHOVED onto a bed and my panties RIPPED off! God help me I want a man to RAM it up my *** and make me scream and bleed! I want my arms twisted behind my back as I'm manhandled into position for a good hard pounding! I want my head forced down onto a man's **** until I choke!

I feel ashamed of myself for it but it's who I am.

juicylucybelle juicylucybelle 36-40, F 45 Responses Jul 5, 2008

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i feel kinda flush after reading that

This can be arranged... ;-) Would love to use and bruise your sexy body!!!

We need more women with your desires to stop feeling ashamed and start publically proclaiming - and defending - themselves against censors of all kinds

I think you wrote this in a very very horny mood.....

Wow awesome add me please! Come visit me for real and we can make it happen!

That sounds really hot. have tied my friend up on several occasiona and used my belt or whip on her. She loves it. She also gives a great bj it you spank her.

That being said, I'd love to **** you for hours!

I will be on the next flight :-) XX

no need to feel ashamed...I am not for like to treat a woman, who wants , it that way. What's wrong with being who you are ?

Sounds like good sex to me ;)

Well hell, that's just the way I ****.........:)

Don't hold anything back. Let us all know how you really feel. j/k.<br />
<br />
Don't be ashamed of who you are!

Oh now this girl knows what she likes

never feel ashamed for that. embrace it. its hot!

Sounds sooo wonderful...not all the time, but every once in awhile it just hits the spot.

I love to give it rough and think that finding women that like that way is wonderful.

Wow, so we dovetail perfectly. Friend me and we will talk about this.

Don't feel ashamed! Read other people's fantasies and you'll see that you're no different than soooo many people. People don't like talking about it because it's not acceptable in polite society but don't you find it odd that that's how men really like to f'uck? Are they sick? Maybe...but I think it's because that's how men and women are made.

Can u handle a 9 1/2in **** in ur ***

i would gladly put a hurting on you.

lovelyandamazing,<br />
I wonder if we were with the same man??

thats how i **** when the girl doesnt give me enough head

i like exactly the same, have read your stories we have a bit in common

only way to feel it is to get it harddd n rough i love slamming my balls on a womans peachie *** cheeks n i love biting that cleft on the *** ... tongue fuking so hard then giving my women the fukslamming yanknig hair back arching theri spine sweaty merciless fucknig love how they howl

Dont feel ashamed just come hit me up we can talk about this

i finally met my sexual soulmate. the rough sex and domination was what i always dreamed of and longed for. we broke up a few weeks ago and i am in deep deep grief. i completely opened myself up to him loved submitting to him being dominiated by him. now that he's gone, i'll never have sex again for as long as i live. what would be the point since he's the only man i could trust with my rough sex desires and no other man could ever please me like him. he is a king. a beautiful savage. filthy dirty talk, slapping, pinning me down and beating my face with his d***, hair pulling, face fcking me until i choke and watching it in the mirror, doggy style hard in front of the mirror, anal rape, riding him hard while he squeezes and sucks my t***, t***y fcking, choking, hardcore finger fcking, squirted for the first time in my life...i love and miss him so much, i am despondent. i am the saddest women in the world, my life will forever be unfulfilled without him.

i feel you. I was married for 26 years, tried to get my husband to be rougher, dominant but couldn't. after my divorce, searched for the right guy, some came close, then BANG! met the one. He did me so good. I would c** 9 or 10 times a night, and gushed for the first time in my life, and often. I hope he never leaves me.

susi knows exactly what you are saying, Lucy

i would love to help

dont be ashamed, thats just great sex.

God no, don't feel ashamed of it. There is someone out there who feels just like you and you will have a wonderful loving partnership when you share these type of feelings and desires. The "average" person or couple will think it's sick, but it's beautiful when share mutually. I wish I could have you as my lover. Wonderful sweet freedom would be shared.