Rough Sex

Rough sex I would love to have some one tie me up on a bed and do what ever they want !!!! like tie my arms and legs to each corner !! Like suck my **** and whip it and pull and suck on my nipple than get on my **** and put it in there *** and **** me hard  and than put in there ***** **** me hard again than get off it and flik it with there finger and bit on it than stick back in there ***** than **** me till I cumthan pour hot wax all over my body !!!!!!!!!!!
abby1965 abby1965
51-55, M
1 Response Nov 25, 2012

I don't think you would really like rough sex, I think you have a fantasy and this is what you would like someone to do to you. One thing you're not taking into account. You have yourself in the passive mode since you are tied up and she is doing this to you, but most women would not like to take an active role, and if she did she would not stick your **** in her ***. She would probably take a ***** and use it on your ***. Or she would probably be a him like what happened to me. I was working and a guy offered to give me $150.00 and he took me back to his motel room. Just after we walked in I turned to him and he backhanded me and he sent me spinning. My bells were still ringing as he grabbed my hair ******* me over to the bed. Before I knew what was happening he had my wrists in hand cuffs attached to a bar and a gag in my mouth. I looked around trying to figure out what was happening to me and he started to tear my dress off. When I was just in my underwear I was trying to get him to stop and begging him not to kill me when the first one hit me. He had a power cord from a lamp that he bent into threes and he began to spank me with that. God it hurt so much and he just hit me over and over. I was crying and trying to beg him to stop but he didn't, and just kept hitting me over and over. I don't know how many times he hit me, but when he stopped hitting me he began to rape me. He ****** me for a long time and it hurt so much. He put a noose around my neck and jerked it up and tied it to the head of the bed. Laying on my back I saw him laughing as he finished cutting off my panties, and he grabbed his belt and began to whip my lady-stick over and over. Through my tears I could just see as he lit this large candle and I can't believe anyone would want hot wax on their **** or ****. I tried to scream but it was all just muffles. After he stopped he was doing all kinds of stuff and then he came back to me. I thought he was just going to leave me there, but I could see the evil glint in his eye and that scared the living **** out of me. He jumped on the bed and grabbed my throat and began to choke me. I struggled until I finally passed out. When i came to there was a security guard giving me CPR (his name was Wilson and after that I gave him a free blow job anytime he wanted me to, which was about 6 times a month) and it was him that saved my life. They never did find the guy, and I can't help but wonder if he ever choked someone that wasn't as lucky as i was.