I have only had rough sex a handful of times.. but I have to say that they are a part of my 'Best Sex Ever' list.. which is not very long at all.

Rough sex is angry, fast, and passionate...

It doesn't let me think.. it just lets me feel. When I have regular sex, Wam-Bam-ThankYouMa'am, I think too much. My mind is polluted with stress and so my mind begins to wander from bills to what is currently playing on TV..

But when it's rough sex... My mind goes blank.. & I can only feel the stinging on my scalp as he pulls my hair; I can feel the burning senstion on my *** as he spanks me; I can feel his balls slapping against my very wet ***** as he pounds into me.. hard; or the tingle in my ***** as he calls me dirty names.. I have no time to think consumed by all the sensations that my body is feeling only wanting more.. and it's complete EUPHORIA!

"She didn't want soft and gentle. She needed his rough possession, claiming her, branding her, taking her in a firestorm of heat and flame that would end the world around them, leaving them nothing but ashes, clean and fierce and forever welded together.” 
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Right. That's what it's all about. Getting lost in your animal urges.

Ah, somebody who gets it.

Well written insight of your passion for rough sex. Puts me in a good mood to want to have one right about now haha

where did you get the quote from? its awesome!

It's from a book..
Wild Fire by Christine Feehan

nice. how was the book?

It was pretty good. It's a fantasy/paranormal romance, if you like those. I'm not a huge fantasy fan but I friend recommended it.
It's from a series.

ahh yeah I'm good.

I prefer erotica with bdsm or other but with character development

Same here!! I read very few paranormal/fantasy..

yeah it takes fantasy to a whole nother level lol

like this one time when I saw "Chewbacca" **** lol

oh my gosh! I've never heard of that! lol

well I didn't know it at the time (was young) but later I realized "omg chewbacca was gettin a bj!"

lmao! oh my gosh.. funny!

yeah it was, but then . . . I couldn't share it with anybody w/o lookin like a ****, awww, so I had to keep it to myself

yea, that's always an annoying/difficult part.. I always enjoy talking about the books I read and the things I'd like to try.. but there's never many around me that feel the same or would understand.. Right now I'm reading a very delicious suspense romance novel that involves a menage.. a woman with two men ;) lol

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