I Want To Know You Are There...

Take me. ***** waht few clothes I@m wearing off, my sissy pink panties, which hardly cover my pert bottom, my pink bra, off, let my **** out, and throw me on the bed.
Grab my hair, pull my head towards your waiting ****, and suffocate me.
Thrust yourself into my mouth, as if my mouth was an inanimate sex-toy, use me as a sex doll, I want to be taken over by your ****, have it impail me, suffocate me, let your pleasure be in watching me gasp for air, watching my humiliation as I drool wildly, choke, and yet offer little resistance to your mascaline strong body as it dominates me entirely.
Didn't I fall right, slap me. harder. on the face, on my ***, twist and pinch my nipples until they're red-raw and the skin almost broken, claw my back, and toss me around to suit your whims and desires, as though I'm a doll... I'm only here for your pleasure, only here to serve your ****, needing it so much inside me, wherever you want it to be.
Tie my hands, behind my back, and toss me over the side of the sofa, as you part my cheeks, and thrust yourself in, in a single hard stroke, no lube for me, if you don't want me to have any.
I need to know your there.
I need to feel every milimeter of that ****, weather its raping my mouth or my anus, feeling it going deeper and deeper, harder and harder, as you pull my hair, grab my body twisting it to the shape and location you desire, and I need to feel your *** deep inside me as your **** throbs and you unload...
And I want to feel waht you've done, and how you've done it to me, not just there, there and then, but later, much later, I want to sit down a day, two days later, and feel the pain from your rape, feel the scratches on my back, and the increased sensativity of my nipples... Because each time I'm reminded of how your gorgeous dominant body took my sissy form, I can relive it again, and again, each blissful painful, delightful orgasmic moment of your taking me, and using me, like the sissy sex-toy I want to be for you...
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Dec 7, 2012