Pull My Hair.

Last night I had some awesome rough sex. We were goofing around in the bedroom. One thing lead to another and the next thing I he was getting on top of me and we were french kissing. He started to pull my hair and bite my neck. This turned me on. He was rubbing my back and reached down and squeezed my ***. Then he licked the middle of my neck and I just started to go crazy. He moved my shirt up with his teeth to get to my ****. He was squeezing the one and licking the other one while fingering me. he got up and removed all his clothes and then removed mine. He got on top of me and while he was pulling my hair so my head moved for him to bite my neck again. ( I have this huge hickey that is a dark red today to.) He was inside me now and I was just going wild. So he moved his upper body up and put my right leg under neath his left one and had my left leg to the same side but above his leg a little. He was doing me hard while he was occasionally puling my hair and squeezing my ****. I was ******* over and over. He started to get ready to ***, and when he did it was such an intense ****** that He fell into me. It was so great. Then when it was all over he smacked my *** a few times. That was an awesome night.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

good stuff

Thanks. :)

Sounds like a great adventure - love it when the dark passion takes control.

:) It was.