My Best Neighbor

I came home from work and Ron, my neighbor from across the way knocked on my door. He is about 30 years older than me and recently divorced but he is a fun guy to hang out with. We grabbed some beers and sat on the couch and pretty soon we were talking and kissing, and soon he started playing with my ****. I was tired from work, but the more he touched and sucked on my ****, the wetter I got. His hands slipped into my panties and feeling his fingers slip and glide across my wet **** I knew I wasn’t ready to ask him to leave. Ron pulled off my shorts and panties and the slipped his fingers in my *****. He fingered my and rubbed my **** and licked my **** for a while. Then he took off pants and sat down and pushed my head to his ****. He has one of the biggest ***** I have ever seen. I love the taste of his ****. I love licking and sucking the precum out of the head of his ****. I’ve become accustom to deep throating him but I seemed to have taken it a little overboard cause I gagged, and then spit up a little. I pulled back to breathe a little and he stood up and jerk off until he came a huge load all over my face and ****. I went into the bedroom to wipe of my face and got my vibrator and lay back on my bed and went to work on my throbbing ****. He lay down next to me and began playing with my **** again. Then he started to bite them. I asked him if he wanted to hurt me and he said “yes”. He began to bite harder. I tried to focus my toy on my ****. The pain was excruciating as he started to bite harder while he also began to pinch my other ***. He bit, pulled and twisted my nipples between his teeth and fingers showing my no mercy. Then he put his hand under my neck and proceeded to choke me and tell me to *** for him. “I won’t let go until you ***”. Those words lit my body on fire, I was opening my mouth trying to attain as much air as I could before his grip got tighter, and pushed my vibrator harder on my ****. He reached down and pushed it away and felt my *****. “Your **** is dripping…” were the last words I could understand. He began viciously fingering me with two fingers. He fingered me hard enough that it would hurt and send me begging for more. He jammed the vibrator into my ******* leading me to my first ******. I twitched and groaned but he wouldn’t let up. He held down my legs and continued to shove his fingers inside of my soaking wet ***** while the vibrator was jammed into my ***. I tried moving to the side and pushing his hands away but he would not stop. He shoved my fingers in, and at this point I had no idea how many were in there, but my best guess would be all of them. He pounded my ***** and I whimpered, feeling another ****** take over my body. I could barely breathe and I wanted him to stop but he didn’t. He had one hand in a crushing grip on my throat while his fingers were still pounding my *****. This continued for about 30 minutes and I have never came so many times in my life. I’m not sure if I squirted, but my bed was wet, his arms were wet and actually everything was wet. My **** kept sending shocks through my body making me twitch with pleasure. I was exhausted. My **** were completely sore and my ***** was throbbing from the pain and my throat was on fire. All of this had worked him up again so he rolled me over onto my stomach. He shoved his huge **** into my ******* as he pushed my face into the pillow. I couldn’t breathe and was starting to suck the pillowcase into my mouth as I tried to get a breath. I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I woke up alone in the bed with *** dripping out of my *** and Ron was in the other room watching TV.
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That's so amazing. :) Feels good to be used :)

awsome story very hot thanks