Slow To Rough Is How I Like It

I love when a man initiates sex-it can be more loving throughout the duration of it, because you know he will work. I love the build of passion from there & soon it becomes rough sex as you plead & beg for more of everything.

Having him remove my clothes, kissing my neck & shoulders softly. Laying me down, both his hands on my breasts, gently squeezing, as his head moves down south to where I want it the most. Soon, I'm completely turned on & wet as he enters me.

Yelling while he slams his **** deep inside of me from behind, him clenching his fist with my hair, yanking it back towards him as he talks dirty to me, making me answer. Spanking me more and more. Or him letting go of my hair as it pleasurably aches from being pulled & cups both of my boobs in his hands to pull on as he thrusts deeply.

I love shoving his head between my legs & covering his ears with them so it muffles the sound of my cries as I hold his head in place to eat my *****. I love moving my hips upward, ******* his face as he licks me, then rolling over to smother his mouth with me, & **** his face some more while his hands play with my hard nipples...

Nicoletta25 Nicoletta25
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

That is hot!!! :)