Mile High Loads

Back from Atlanta on a Flight to LA today Boing 777-200 a really wide body plane, 9 seats across. Flight was 90 % full and cold. The air was blasting, which is a good thing when there are a lot of people on a flight, the air doesn't feel so dirty in closed quarters. I was siting in the middle sit, the absolute middle of the plane, a cute college woman, sitting next to me on one side and a rather large man on the other side. As is typically customary, everyone puts the chair arms down to "mark their territory", i certainly did between the large guy and myself, but waited for the co-ed to make her move. Good for me, she never did. before take off we engaged in the customary small talk, but she continued to mention how cold she was so i told her i'd get her something warm for the 4 hour flight, i stood up moving my left leg over her two knees to get to my bag in the overhead compartment, not thinking anything sexual about my waist facing her, i lifted my right leg over and as i did, i felt pressure from her small hand gripping the inside of my left thigh, i glanced down and she smiled at me " don't fall" in an audible voice, then whispered "for me" i smiled back , she released my leg and I retrieved a large (large for her) wool sweater. She thanked me we fastened our seat belts and the plane took off. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred for the first 30 minutes. Small talk, removing shoes, tray table down, getting familiar with our environment. I nodded off since it was an early affair. I woke with her lips in my ear, " i am really horny so i took my bra off under your warm sweater and I am getting real hot, your sweater smells soo sexy" she took my wrist and tucked it under the sweater and released my hand on your warm, flat stomach.I smiled , turned my head into her chair back, adjusted my hips facing her and whispered " sure baby as long as you call me "Daddy", " yes Daddy" she immediately replied. My hand wandered over her hot skin, my finger tips, danced and stroked her stomach, ribs, around her b cup ****, then began to squeeze her ****, she promptly pulled the thin , blue airline blanket over both of us, reached between my legs and gave my **** and balls a hard squeeze, I picnched and pulled her hard nipples in response and she let out a very low gutteral moan, I wanted to her her respond to my touches again so I twisted, pinched and pulled her nipple again, she slipped her hand down my pants without unbuckling or unzipping my jeans and rub the length of my growing **** then squeezed my balls " i need to make my Daddy ***" she whispered somewhat breathlessly into my ear. "make my ******* ache for you Daddy" I looked around the cabin, surely people were noticing, but no, everyone seemed preoccupied, I could relax, I unzipped my jeans, my hard ******* **** strained to break out, her hand reached in and freed my **** and began to lightly tease my head, her mouth next to my ear, nibbling on my earlobe continued to whisper to me " Does Daddy want to *** for his little ****?", "does Daddy like it when I squeeze your balls?", " Does Daddy like the way I smell?", "Does Daddy want to **** his little ****?"" does daddy want to **** his little ***** tight little *******?" I was so ******* hard and wanted to blow my load all over her hands and arms. I whispered to her " lets go in the bathroom , I need your hot mouth on my **** first. She immediately pulled herself together, I zipped up, grabbed a "SKYMall" catalogue to hide my obvious stiff **** and signal to others that I would be in the "Library" for some time. We waited our turn, she was first, her hot little *** rubbing up against my **** as we waited. No one behind me. She entered and I followed, she immediatey jerked my jeans down to my knees and took one ball in her mouth at a time, I began to stroke the shaft of my hard ****, smiling at her, " Jerk it faster for me Daddy I want you to *** on my ****".... we spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom "OCCUPIED" as I gave my newfound little **** what she wanted and deserved, load after load after hot load of an older mans ***, Old enough to be her father and she loved it. As she was sucking and I was ******* she finger ****** her hot little fuckhole to ******, she came before I did and hungrily licked all the *** from my hand after I scraped it off her ****, stomach and lap. after a passionate kiss, we returned to our assigned seats, only two passengers had been waiting, both were men much older than me who seemed to understand what just went down. We cuddled in the seats and both fell asleep. Before we landed I asked her her name, she smiled wryly, " your naughty little daughter"
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