Dirty Lil Girl

The weekend after Christmas I was in a hotel bar (it is usually less crowded than the average club) drinking with the guys on my shift. We had really been putting it away. We were laughing and telling stories when this girl walked up and asked if we wanted company. We looked at her and she was probably about 21 or22. About 5'8" and 110 lbs dark hair tanned and sexy green eyes. Maybe a b cup but it looked great on her.
We told here sure, of course. She sat as close to the center or the group as possible as just started talking to us about nothing in particular. Just to make a joke I asked her if she came over to flirt because she wanted to make someone jealous. She advised no she came over to see if someone would take her upstairs because she had seen some of us before and she was horny.
I figured she was kidding so I nudged the guy next to me and said ok but you have to do all 6 of us and we are none to gentle with dirty lil girls like yourself. She smiled and said ok who's first.

I looked at one of my guys slipped him some cash and said go get a room and tell them we need one to the rear of the building.

About five minutes later he returned and gave me the key saying you first boss. She looked at me and smiled grabbing my hand and standing up. I again looked at her and asked if she was sure she wanted what she was going to get. She said you bet I do.
We went to the room, it was the last room at the end of the hall on the first floor by the exit door. Before we went in I told her that she could walk right out the exit because once in the room all the nice was over. She said open the door and do what you want. I opened the door and she went in, I followed her in and closed the door locking the deadbolt and putting the chain. She was standing by the bed and she turned toward me as I approached her and started to talk " by the way my name is" I cut here off saying " I don't care what your name is tonight you are dirty girl" then I grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees. I then bent down and whispered if you want me to stop at any time just yell out "puppy". She giggled and said ok. I pulled back on her hair so hard I saw her eyes well up. Then I pulled my already hard thick **** out and jammed it into her mouth. She gagged some but I started to **** her mouth hard using her hair to pull her head into the spot I wanted it. She kept gagging and ther tears were rolling. I pulled my **** from her mouth and asked " you have anything to say dirty girl?" she said " yes....more!"
I started in on her mouth again. She had drool all over her face and then I just shoved my **** into her mouth till my balls were on her chin. She started gagging hard and the saliva was pouring over her chin. I pulled out and looked at the crying slobbering mess she was and threw her back on the bed and told her to hurry up and get undressed. Once she was undressed i pulled her to the edge of the bed and hooked her knees over my shoulders. I then put my **** against her ***** which was soaked. Once I knew I had it positioned right I wrapped my arms around the outside of her legs and grabbed the top of her thighs. Without any warning I slammed balls deep into her and stared pounding away on her using my grip on her thighs to pull her hard against me as I trusted forward.
She was almost screaming until I wrapped my hand around her throat and gave her a little squeeze. This caught her off guard. I released my grip and asked if she needed to tell me something. All she said was" please don't stop". I then rolled her over and roughly shoved my **** in her ***. The only lube was what leaked out of her *****. She gasped but never said the word. I grabbed both her wrists and was using her arms to pull her back onto me. Very soon after that she started her first ******, then her second followed quickly after. Not being able to take any more I pushed as deep as I could into her *** and started shooting stream after stream of *** into her. I left my **** in until it went soft then I slid it out. She turned over looking at me as I was getting dressed and she whimpered a little. She said " that was my first time doing anal" I told her and it won't be your last. I told her " I'm going get the other guys. If you are still here when I get back, I will assume you are ready for more.
I didn't have to go far because they were in the hall listening the whole time. They said damn you beat that **** up. I said yeah let's see if she takes off or not. After about 5 min we went in the room she was laying there legs spread with my load leaking out her *** and her ***** red and swollen. She smiled and said " come on boys do your worst." I said I'm going get more beer. They closed the door after they went in. What I saw when i returned is well another story.
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