Dirty Lil Girl Pt. 2

When I walked back into the room from getting more beer two of the guys were sitting down watching the show. Our dirty girl was full up. She had one in her mouth and he was going at it hard she was gagging each time he thrust in. She had one guy under her in her ***** she was being slammed down onto his **** by the guy in her *** and he was smacking her *** as he ****** it harder than I was. They told me when they stop to check on her she gets mad and says to keep going. They also advised she has *** at least 3 times since I left. Right about that time the grunting gets louder as the guy in her ***** **** so hard it starts to leak out around his ****. She sequels as the guy in her mouth is holding her head down on him as he nearly drowns her with his load. Then shortly after the abuse in her *** is over as she gets her second load there.
Those three get up and then I tell the last two it's there turn. One of the guys our rookie is kinda shy and doesn't know if he can be rough with her. I told him to get naked and just sit at the head of the bed when he does I get on the bed and drag her up to him by the hair. I turn her head so she is looking at me and ask" had enough yet?" she said " not even close!". I shoved his head down on the rook's **** and tell her to gag on it. Which she does. The I the last one of my guys get up. He drops his pants and out pops this hard **** that is about as long as my forearm and almost as thick. I look at his and tell him that goes in her ***. He just smiles and says oh yeah she gonna love this. Just before he sticks it in I lean over and tell her if you bite him you will pay. She got a strange look on her face then he slowly pushed the head in and she stopped sucking and looked at me with a pained expression. I said is there something you want to say ,referring to the I quit word I gave her earlier, she said "HELL NO!" at that he went from just the head to balls deep in her *** filled ***. And then started to **** her like her was trying to pass his **** through her. The tears are rolling as she moans in pain. I ask her if she wants to stop she again says keep going. So, I force her mouth open and onto the **** she had been laying on crying. The harder her *** got ****** the harder she sucked until I saw the rook was about to *** so I pulled back on her hair and told her to jerk him till he came on her face. Big boy in her *** started ******* and pulled out getting it all over her *** and *****. Then as she was relaxing from her ******* the guy in her hand started to *** this massive load which started going into her mouth but ende up also in her nose hair and both eyes. At this point I was rock hard again and I eased into her ***** and as I did she jumped from surprise. I just started to pump away slapping her *** and **** pinching her nipples. Choking her once or twice. I asked" do you love this dirty girl. She said " awe gawd yes!" the guys were just watching as I abused her more and more. I started fingering her *** then smearing my fingers on her face. I slapped her rock hard stomach and she had an instant ****** then I kept on going. I was slapping her belly and **** with one hand and rubbing her **** with the other. Then I grabbed her thighs hard and really layed into her ******* hard and deep. The guys just walked up and rook got into it and was biting her nipples other guys were taking turns choking her or pinching her. One of them was smacking her stomach and big boy was keeping hard constant pressure on her ****. She is squealing and moaning yelling don't stop for god sake don't stop. Then I feel her tense up and she says I feel like I got to pee. I told her to hold it but all of a sudden it was like a spray hits my belly. I stop I then I realized there was no odor and it was kind of thick. She had just squirted during her ******. That set me off. I had been going at here for about 20 or so minutes and I came in her ***** so hard I almost collapsed. Then my **** slid out and she looks up and says I want ***. So, the other 5 guys proceed to jerk off and *** cover her face and hair. When they are done, she faces me and says with *** all over her face "PUPPY!" all seven of us laugh. We are all to tired and drunk to go home so we invite her to stay the night. She agrees then puts her head the nearest pillow and goes to sleep. We all pass out leaving rook in the bed with her. Couple hours later I hear a low moan behind me and I see that rook is buried in her ***** going to town as she is laying there looking at me smilling. He filled her up then she peaked at me and saw I was hard so she crawled on top and sat on my ****. I told her she didn't have to because she hard to be sore but she said I am but I love the pain. I gave her another load and she looked over at big boy who was asleep and said speaking of pain. She crawled over and sucked him hard and climbed on. He woke up after about the third time she impaled herself on him. So he stuck two fingers in her *** and told her they weren't ******* out til they both came. After about ten min he came in her and his limp **** popped out. Then he said I will finger your *** till you ***. So she worked her **** till she came and he pulled them out. At this point there were three more hard ***** waiting and she was like guys I'm spent. They said that's ok and she got back into the bed. Then they gathered around her and jerked off putting a fresh layer of *** on her sticky face. Then we all went to sleep. The next morning the All the guys wake except for rook. When our dirty girls wakes I ask her to gently wake him and then start kissing him. She does and when he remembers how much *** was on her face he just starts spitting and sputtering. We all laugh, except him. The guys get dressed and leave our dirty girl now introduces herself to me as Meghan. I tell her lets get you a bath. I ran her a warm bath and then started to gently bathe her body which is cover in bruises shaped like hands or pinch marks. Her ***** is scarlet red and very swollen and so was her sweet tiny *******. She tells me she is 19 yo and before last night had only had sex 5 times and that was all with the same guy who was not near as big as any of us. She said he might have 4 or 5 inches. I asked her then why would you come with us when she was told it would be rough. She said she wanted to get back at her boyfriend who she caught with another couple having a *********. I told her she could have just picked up on a random guy and sleep with him avoiding the pain. I dried her off and helped her get dressed. Once her shorts and shirt were on the only bruise you could see was from one of my fingers on her thigh. ( South Louisiana in December .. short Weather go figure. ) she looked me in the eyes and hugged me and said " I am so happy I did this because now I know what I really like when it comes to sex and I hope we can do it again." I told her without a doubt. Funny thing is she actually started dating the rookie yesterday. When he told me that he also told me " Sarge if you get close to her you can almost make her *** by whispering "Puppy". " All I could do was smile.
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OMG, I was playing with my vibrator while reading this and I came so much that I left a puddle in my chair.

Really glad you enjoyed the story. Sounds like its an experience you would like to try.

What a dog woof woof.