Rough Sex With Frolic 12 In A Parking Lot

It was an upscale mall in India ......a huge sprawling mecca of luxury and excess. I had to shop for sum clothes so i drove to it my car slithered down into the depths of its basement I saw in my sideview mirror a fleeting glimpse of naked skin...i strained my eyes to get a better look and saw just a shapely elbow sticking out of the car behind me. As I parked my car I cud see the owner of the "shapely elbow" park her car nearby. I fiddled a lil with my car keys so that i cud catch a glimpse of a sexy ankle ...with the most delicate and sensuous silver anklet step out and an enchanting ,memserising apparition of a woman get out . She was tall slender and luked stunning in the chiffon saree. As she straightened to get out i cud see her tempting navel stare at me open invitation .....nah.. a temptation. i suddenly realised i was staring so i quickly averted my eyes. But sumthing about the way she moved just wudnt let me keep my eyes off her. So i decided to screw the shopping and spend whatever time i cud admiring the pure,raw sensual ecstacy wrapped in that sexy teasing sari that wud roam the mall for the next few hours. So i followed her eyes roaming lustily all along her perfect curves.....those bold yet deep eyes,the perfect nose, lips like a meandering river of red, the sharp chin, the long slender neck, the naked glistening skin just above her blouse which the pallu cudnt cover....the teasing cleavage, the perfectly shaped belly and that rascal of a navel...adorned with the ultimate aphrodisiac of an ornament,the navel ring. my eyes wud often get stuck to the sensuous sway of her hips as her slender legs moved. In my living memory it was the longest erection that i had ever had....i just kept wanting her more and more with every passing lusty moment. And before i knew it ,i found myself following her into the multiplex ( no clue wat movie was it!!!)I was on the seat next to her. i cud now smell her intoxicating aroused an animal like desire in me ...a blinding lust that overpowered my cultured upbringing. I let my hand slowly touch her bare arm ( wud u believe it that i folded my sleeve so that our naked skins wud touch) it was electrifying the animal iside was now free unchained. She demurely pulled her arm away.I then let my shoulder touch hers, she pulled away yet again. I wasnt gonna give up...after sometime i let the thighs touch..i cud feell her hot burning skin thru her saree...i was possessed....i let my hand slowly touch her thigh and even placed it on her knee....she turned abruptly and looked at me sternly and then got up and moved to the next seat . I cud still smell her and my **** was screaming in had been four hours. i got up and sat behind her. she didnt notice , that i was touching her hair as it fell over her perfect shoulders......but she did notice when my finger traced the edge of her sleeveless blouse all the way down inside her pallu. she turned and slapped me. I was stunned .....there was a luk of hatred in her eyes as she stared at me for a second....but all i cud do was stare back with uninhibited lust. As she turned away i cud see her eyes drop a lil to notice th ebulge in my trousers as i rubbed it .....and for a second i am sure i saw the anger disappear and get replaced by a longing. in 5 minutes she got up and just walked out of the theater..probably too disgusted by my blatant lecherous acts. I waited a bit and then followed.....i cudnt see her anywhere in the lobby so i took the lift down to the parking and as i hurried to where she had parked the car....i saw her trying to open the door in a hurry. i took aquick luk around therewas no one to be seen we were alone. I quickly walked over to her ...she didnt see me coming ....i snuck up behind her ....grabbed her one arm and twisted it behind her while i used the other arm to cup her mouth so she cudnt scream. I was standing so close to her she wriggled and struggled i cud feel her tight firm *** rub into my throbbing ****....i whispered in her ear.......u r mine tonite .....all i cud feel and sense was this overpowering raging sexual desire to possess her in the most primitive and basic of manners.i told her to stay quiet as i spread her feet apart....and started kissing her neck and exposed shoulders....she resisted with all her might ....but i was like an animal in heat .....focussed and strong ......she was a fragile creature....i pressed her to the car and used her pallu to tie her mouth up.....thn i spun her around to feast on her bared beauty...her heaving bosom and the fluttering belly that made the navel ring jingle....i saw in her eyes fear and anger........and then i started kissing her....all over....the kisses became nibbles and nible became btes ...i kept her hands apart as i kissed bit and licked each and every inch of her skin..savouring her taste .....and then without warning she got free and grabbed me .....she pusheed me away...took one long luk at me and then flung off her pallu and kissed me hard..our teeth ground into each other and then our tongues made their way we tried to devour each other's lips....her hands grabbed my hair and pushed me down into her boobs and i sucked and sucked and bit and hands were all over her..craving for her sking ...wanting to feel every part of her being. then i wanted her i started lifting her sari....she pushed me down and as i knelt before her she pulled her saree up and put one leg on my shoulder and said.......SUCK.....i tore off her panties and felt the sweet aroma of her dripping wet ***** and started licking up the juices...i kissed and sucked and licked the juices runnng down her soft inner thighs .....i started suckng on her **** and pushed a finger inside her tight *****..and she let out a loud moan "yessss" i shoved another finger in and i cud hear her saying yessssss even louder ........her fingers were pulling at my hair as she wildly pushed my face deeper into her...i sucked and licked and fingered her ..till with aloud scream she came...she squirted into my mouth.. a weet nectar of pleasure and desire....i gulped it my head out from her grasp ..stood up kissed her hard again ..then spun her around again ...bent her fwd ...bunched her saree up at her waist ....took out my crazy pulsating **** and rammed it into her wet waiting ***** with a force i never thought i had and she screamed again...and i pounded and pumped her ....i grabbed her hair and rode her like a horse ...just banging my rock hard **** deeper and deeper into her *****.........i kissed her bare skin wherever i cud find it and just kept on banging her till i came......i shot load after load of my hot *** deep into her vagina till i was fully spent...then i lay there on top of her till we both cud catch our breath. She then turned and luked at me with deeply satiated if thanking me..but then th luk changed and i cud see anger again. She straightened her saree and her blouse and her hair...looked all around and then gave me a stinging slap ...." U filthy animal ....**** off ", opened the car door ....fired the engined and zoomed was an upscale mall in India and i had probably raped the most beautiful sensual woman i wud ever lay my hands on in its parking lot.
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wow...thanx mister that was awsum for jilling off to!