Why Rough Is The Best

i love the balance between pain and pleasure.
i like to dress like a ***** and then be used as one.
i enjoy not knowing what will happen next. the sheer thrill of it.
i like to be tied up and used, completely.
i want to choke on your hard **** and to be choked by you.
i like the bruises, the spankings, the trash talk..these things (and more) enhance sex for me.
by looking at me, I may seem sweet, but I'm strong and love it rough because it is truly unforgettable.
girln3xtdoor girln3xtdoor
22-25, F
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we have to chat!!!!!


oooh u know what I like u been a naughty girl and my **** has grown long I picked u up walking down the street dressed in a see through blouse short mini heels seemed hose take u back to your place give you a hard spanking that u deserve you cry out in pain or is it enjoyment we spend the rest of the day punishming you

Oh yes! Yes yes yes!

I need to use you


That's exactly what I like to do too.

If you were mine I would treat you like a lady, but I would bring home a lover for you who would treat you like a *****. He would leave your beaten, ****** and *** soaked body for me to pamper.

mmmm.... that sounds delightful also ;)

Good. I would try to tend to the red stripes on your bottom. I would use my tongue to salve your sore ***** and bathe your used body. I'd have to make sure you were ready next time you called your lover.

oohh yesss..... would you watch me having rough sex?

If you and your Master will allow me in the room.

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Sounds like fun!