Asian Submissive

I love being a submissive in the bedroom. I love pleasing my man... I love being tied up, feeling helpless, getting used for his pleasure :)
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I take you home while your hubby is out of town for the weekend. I tell you to undress and get on the bed face down with your tight little *** in the air. Then I tie your feet and hands to the bed and blind fold you. I use your sloppy little **** for a few hours filling you up with ***. As you lay there breathing hard you hear me leave the room and answer the front door and you hear me talking to what sounds like 2 or 3 other guys. Then you hear the voices getting closer as we all walk in the room all you hear is whistles and guys saying how much they love that sloppy *** filled **** and can't wait to get a shot at that. I tell them all to get undressed and try every hole except your *** because it is to be used last. We all **** your mouth and slutty **** for 3 hours and when your ***** is puffy and *** is oozing down your legs then I tell them its the final prize. I scoop some *** from your hole and smear it on your ******* before I push the head inside pushing deep so my balls slap against your ****. You feel a **** enter your mouth and one in each hand. We take turns using your mouth and ******* for another hour. Every guy that ****** your mouth twisted and pulled on those nipples making sure they were swollen and red as your **** lips. We all unload in your *** and then I send the guys home and they thank me for use of my Asian ****. I come back and untie you removing your blindfold and kissing you. You were such a good little **** toy tonight and wait until you see what I have planned for you tomorrow

I once got ****** when I was wasted but had taken Viagra to just try it out. The sales manager I was with that night saw me passed out on her couch after everyone had left. But my **** was hard. She told me the next morning that she got horny seeing the outline of my **** thru my pants and she took them off. Then she undressed fully and started ******* me. My **** was hurting the morning and she told me what she had done. She thought I was going to report her for raping me or something. But she was honest. It turned me on and we ended up ******* again, this time I was aware. Talk about being used huh?

Well there you go, getting me all excited again...Maybe he could just tie you up and blindfold you...and then let some of us enjoy your sexy body

Your husband is a lucky guy

Wow would.u let me use u.I know we'll both enjoy it

I thought thats all it is

I could have lots of fun and pleasure with a woman like u pleasure for both of us

cool would like to see pics of that ! !

Good for you. I like the topless part also. Please add me.