Yes Please

the best rough sex i ever had i payed for. i was up north one time for a small business venture and got really board. i stumbled across a dominatrix and went to her place. she ask a bunch of questions and Findley we agreed on what could happen. she gave me a safe word and then we started. first she chained my hands over my head as i stood in the middle of the floor. next she took a razor knife and cut my clothing off. then she used a riding crop and whipped me real hard leaving tinny Marks all over my body. next she took me loose and lay-ed me down on a very thin and cold steel table and tied my hands to my neck back behind my head. then she tied my legs down with my feet on the floor. she started torching my nipples with clamps and a few needles. she then put a very tight **** cage on me, this was real painful but i sucked it up. she straddled over me and she was a BIG girl and lowered her **** down on my face. she grind-ed herself on my face while ******* on my **** that was caged, it hurt so ******* bad i though it was going to fall off. Findley she stopped but then grabbed a big red but plug and lubed it up and smeared lube all over my ***. she shoved it inside me and left it there while she took the cage off my ****. now she put lube all over my throbbing and sore **** and then started stroking me off really hard.   my **** hurt so bad that it took a while for it to get hard, she kept stroking it saying she wouldn't stop till i came. Findley i came hard and she caught as much in her hand as she could then smeared it all over my face. then afterwords she took some cloths and cleaned me up and unstrapped me. she gave me a new set of sweat pants and a sweat shirt to put on and sent me on my way.....i have often thought about going back but never have....probably the best 500.00 bucks i ever spent......................

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Feb 21, 2009