Rough to a Point

 I can't say I like 'Rough" sex, but what I do like is to raise her arms over her head and hold them there, then pin her legs down with my legs so she feels as though she can't move and that she is pinned down to the bed and then take her. I love to whisper to her that she is mine for right now and that I'm not going to let her go.

Update 04-30-2009

Something I would like to add to the above story is that while all that is going on, something she can do that is great cause for me to have to hold back is when after I whisper those things in her ear.... she says.... "Oh yes.....**** me".

THAT... is one hell of a turn on.

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One time with my lady I did almost this exact same thing.... then I told her to try and stop me. She was soaking wet, and I knew I could slide into her. She wriggled and bucked and moved, and I just confidently held her down..... then I positioned myself at her entrance and as she was lifting her hips to move me off, I was entering her slightly...... then I said to her..... "Good try, but now I am going to **** you".... and I slid slowing into her. She's into domination and loved every minute of that moment. Me too.

Ohhh Chris, You have one lucky mate I am sure. Jealous here

Very sexy story. Love it!

my girlfriend loves it when i hold both of her hands behind her back and pentrte her from behind, she always screams and i love it,

I do exactly the same to my wife and she and I get turned on when she says **** me,,**** me more

I do exactly the same to my wife and she and I get turned on when she says **** me,,**** me more

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I agree completely.

Nope... :-)


I think that's kinda sweet. Wanting her to be yours...

Sometimes us ladies with slaves want someone else to be in charge..... Hold me down Chris....mmmmmm Thats what I like.

I'm glad you think so Myo.<br />
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I think it's just as hot. Especially when she is enjoying the moment as well.

I'm back. I followed DC here, but I really wanted to read this again. It's really hot, you know.

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Thanks DC. That is really nice from my point of view too.

Okay MizzB... Go ahead... ;-)

OMG Chris - you are such a naughty naughty NAUGHTY boy ..... wow. I agree with bebe -- you need to be spanked :)

That is very thoughtful of you. ;-)

Maybe... you'd have to ask her...lmao

voted... i use the fringe as a tickler... ;p<br />
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lush... all I can say is that is.... SWEET!

Meow! Chris ----- holy crap! <br />
I think my panties are wet now.


Thanks. I'm not sure about that, but I am sure that they fire me up... ;-)

Respect Chris u sure do fire the up the laydeeees

Well good for him. No better way yo BE in charge....

This is the only time my husband is allowed to be in charge.

Thanks pix. I like it from my point of view also... hehe

I think all girls like to be pinned downa little ;-)~ She's lucky you give that to her!!! :-D

Thanks Leiza....

chris your just too hot .....mmmmmmmmmm omg...

Thanks Mia. I agree totally.. ;-)

pegs... oh my... <br />
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be there shortly Myo...

You're a bad boy, chris. Now go to my room.

If I'm laying down... I might get into more trouble... hehe

No what?<br />
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don't let those stockings fool ya... hehe

Just think long and hard... lmao

I'm thinking...

Hehe... that's the good side flutter....<br />
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Myo... let me know when you do.

Well, I haven't put any up, but after this I might have to! {=0

I just thought that everyone else was putting up these thoughts... why not me?

Hehe Why not? <br />
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