The Harder the Better

i love the hard, fast, hair pullin, *** slapin, make-me-your-**** kinda rough sex. im also a bdsm sado-masochist, so that adds to it a bit. down side, i bruise easily so people always think im in some sort of unhealthy abusive relationship.

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I just love a spanking before and during sex!

i love that kinda hard ******..but only with the niggas i **** with ..never my husband. my main one (SHANK) takes a belt to my *** every now n then n ***** slaps me hard across my face..and i love it! hell spit in my face and even in my mouth sometimes when im ******* cuz he knows i dont like that but he can get away with it when im cummin around his ****,hes a sneaky bastard,but i love his sneaky *** lol.

i'm deff a fan of rough sex i love my *** being smacked being talked dirty to sometimes even getting lightly choked i rather be rough with my partner though because i love being in control so i rather smack him in the face or talk real drity to him pull his hair while im riding him. sometimes even spit in his mouth ..haha idk i'm weird.

I've really had only two experiences.<br />
One. A girl who loved her face fact while ******* her, the slap across the face would bring her to ******.<br />
Two, and girl who loved having her head pushed down as she sucked my ****. Would love me to hold her head with both hands and force her down as I ****** her face.

Fortunately i do'nt bruise easily. I love a belt and riding crop on my bare bottom.

I love it too a lot and I bruise easily also. I went to an alternative school during me senior year of high school from getting into trouble and being a naughty girl and my boyfriend would always punish me for being that naughty girl which is awesome. Anyway I went to school with a lot of street fighting type people so there was always two cops on duty during school hours and one of the cops pulled me aside one day and asked me why I had so many bruises on my arms and if someone was beating me up. He didn't even know me but was pretty concerned. After I told him that my boyfriend and I like rough sex and I bruise easily I never heard another word out of him about it. The look that he gave me after I confessed that to him was like "I wish my wife would do kind of kinky **** for me". It was funny.

ok, omarkhayyam, everyone who has left comments here has agreed that when it comes to inflicting pain for pleasure CONSENT is an important thing.<br />'s just sex

Hi Danny,<br />
<br />
understand you.<br />
<br />
Yes, in context of control and consensus.<br />
<br />
The greater the mutual trust....and courage..the more possibilties.<br />
<br />

Like rough play too. Of course in a trusted atmosphere, in appreciation and mutual respect. <br />
<br />
Kind of basic instinct which is only unhalthy when not rightly communicated.<br />
<br />

I like it too, but only when I initiate it. :) It's good to be loved hard by a Masterful man that you love.