I Wear My Bruises Like A Badge Of Honor

I have absolutely loved rough sex since my first experience with it. Nothing makes me *** hard than to be commanded, paddled, and talk dirty too.  I love to feel the searing heat of my *** as he paddles me harder and harder. One of the best experiences I have had was last spring, when I met a man and another woman in a motel room for some dom/sub play.  She was pleasant and somewhat useful, but he truly understood my need to have it rough from our first eye contact.  As I offered my bare *** to him for his use, he paddled me swiftly,precisely, and with enough force that it seared heat straight to my ****, and as his **** was buried balls deep in my *** he continued his delicious assault of my ***.  While i moaned and asked permission to ***, he asked if i was a pain ****.  He has been the first sexual partner to realize my deepest need for pain and the pleasure it gives me.  He dismissed the other woman after I had pleasured her few times with my mouth, but I think that he felt as I did that she did not have the passion and hunger for the play we had. Once she left, he ****** me orally, vaginally, and anally over and over, paddled me until he left delicious welts along my *** and thighs. Afterwards before we parted he held me and made me feel he truly understood what  very few did about me. As I drove home, every movement I made sent sweet sensations and memories  of our time together. He commanded me to photograph the bruises that he had left....they were the most beautiful photos I have ever taken. God I look forward to the afternoon we will spend together soon, and the newest "badges" of love he will bestow upon me.

kuriousgyrl kuriousgyrl
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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

what a HOT story. i've had a couple of women who really enjoyed getting roughed up.<br />
you've brought back some good memories.<br />

I also love to look at the handy work of my master after a good spanking. I love the feel of heat that eminated from my *** and the way that each movement is felt as a reminder of our time together.

Yes, I love looking at the photos of my striped and used ***... "badges" ... nice. Lucky you!