Knife Play

girl was in her bedroom when He ** Master** came into her room , she saw Him and tried to back away, He stopped her by pulling her arm and pushing her towards her bed.. she stumbled and tripped backwards onto her bed , quickly getting to her feet again. He took out a knife His eyes gleaming as He says she has teased Him for the last time.. she says almost in a whisper .. girl has NOT teased You.. leave me alone!! He lunges towards her she ducks under His arm and tries to get to the door , He grabs her by the hair and drags her to the bed pushing her down and pining her down as he straddles her. she struggles trying to get free pushing on His chest .. leave me alone *she demands*!! He laughs at her attempts to get away as He cuts the tshirt from her body using it to tie her hands to the bed above her head.He trails the knife down her shoulder and around her breast.. the cool knife bringing goosebumps as she gasps...let me go she says kicking her feet. He licks His lips and says .. oh I will when I have finished with You as He slowly drags the knife down her left side to her hip slicing her panties... then slowly He drags the knife right above her mound to her right hip and slices the panties off completely .. she wiggles and bucks her hips tying to get Him off . let me go!!!..let me go .. she whimpers!!...He snags the pantied from under her and pushes them i nto her mouth to stop her from yelling.. she lay naked at His mercy bound and gagged. He removes His pants and begins to trail the knife onto her inner thighs His **** getting harder.. He places the knife on the bed she tries to push Him away using her legs,.. He laughs and whispers that He loves a good struggle.. He wedges Himself between her thighs as He grabs her Him and rams His **** deep into her tight *****.. He moans as her ***** clasps down around His ****.. He begins thrusting telling her that it is His ***** and He will **** His **** anytime He desires.. He rams in and out harder and faster her whimpers exciting Him even more as His handsgrip her harder thrusting in deeply as He ****...


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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

smiles thankies Sir Draco this girl does try hard

well if You were girls Master she would obey *smiles* .. but since she is in a bratty mood and you do not Own her she shall decline just for kicks .. and thanks .. have never wrote a story before it was a ssignment from a former Master..sorry is not up to Your par