My Master's Handiwork.

" How much pain can you take, and what is your limit?"--His text

How odd I thought, and began to ponder this. I don't know because I have never had to cry out to stop, and I remember there were times I have felt tears on my cheeks, but it is hard to remember for its like I am in a trance lost in the delicious pleasure of each wave of pain and the surge of adrenalin it brings.

Answering truthfully for I do not know my limits, and can not remember if I have ever reached them "I have never reached my limits. Its like a high or a trance."--my text

"I am trusting you to tell me when you have reached your limit." His text.

"Take your panties off and kneel on the bed" he commanded. My *****'s began to warm in anticipation of the swat I was most assuredly to receive, and had yearned for.  One swift swat across my left *** cheek, the sound reviberating in the room, and I am positive others could surely hear. The thought of the vanilla people hearing my pleasure only made it that more delectable. Then another swat even harder across my right cheek and the scorching heat radiating straight between my thighs to my already wet *****.  Please let me him mount me, please let him want to **** me now.  I feel his fingers trace the spots where his skillful hand had inflicted pain, making me want those swats again, my skin craving the pain even more keenly. He inserted his finger into my succulent slit. A wave of electricity screaming through me. I fought the urge to **** his finger, and I knew I had to be patient to get what I truly wanted inside of me. LIke he could read my thoughts, he entered me, I wanted to take control and **** him and **** him hard, but I knew that would be reckless and ill advised.

After a few more deep penetrating thrusts, he slide out of me and reclined himself on the bed.  "You love to suck my ****, don't you." "Yes, Master thank you." I took him into my mouth and immediately I was thrilled to be able to taste myself on his ****. The more I sucked the more I wanted to suck, and I could not get enough of him, and I longed to drain him completely with my mouth.  I pushed my selfish thought to the side, as I suckled at his balls and then traced the innermost places of his thighs. I became intoxicated by his scent as I continued tracing his balls with my tongue. I wanted more of him so much more, and I let my tongue trail lower until I was ******* his anus with my tongue. I delighted in his moans of pleasure as I licked and flicked his anus feverently. I continued to work there a few more moments and then I returned to his **** with my mouth. I know how skilled I am in giving head, and am very prideful of my skill, so I could not help to look up to see the pleasure I was giving to my Master. He swiftly boxed me upside my head, and I secretly delighted in his punishment for my  rule breaking. I mindfully returned my eyes to his **** and my mouthful massage of it.   I loved the slap and wanted it again so in an act of brattiness I pridefully met his gaze. His eyes locked on mine, mine begging to be slapped once more. Swiftly he responded with another slap upside my head. Being trained not to bite down when I am slapped I continued pleasuring him with my mouth. This pleased him immensely for he grabbed my collar and dragged my face to his, the slight choking of it excited me even more. He drew my mouth into his and kissed so passionately no words can encapsulate the intensity. He playfully held my tongue between his teeth and I became more aroused as I felt my tongue struggle in his grasp.

He pulled me away from his mouth by my collar. He held my gaze locked to his. "It is time for your punishment. Tell me why you are being punished?"  "I am being punished for assuming you were a liar and for pushing you out of my life. I am deeply regretful of my actions, and I will never push you away. I beyond grateful to be yours."  "Do you know what will happen to you if you do this again? I will tie you naked to a truck and leave you at a construction site to be used by all of those filthy men?" "Please Master no!"  My heart beat rapidly in my chest, being tied naked to a truck would be fun, but I never want another **** in me, the thought sent sheer panic in my mind. I am his no one else's. His **** is the one my mind, body and soul worship.

"On your knees, *** in the air my *****." "Yes Master." Kneeling on my knees and baring my weight on my elbows, I relaxed in anticipation of his assault and I wondered what tool he would use first. My hairbrush, the spoon, or his belt.  I hoped like an excited child that he would use his belt. Crack cried the belt as struck my ***, first one side and another the other. There it was the warm high I had been seeking. The white hot warm deliciousiness of getting lost in the it the pain, the radiance of warmth, and the adrenalin that surges wildly through my veins. My punishment scorching all conscious thoughts from my mind causing my Master to yank on my collar to have me lick each appliance of torment.  Getting lost deeper and deeper, with every onslaught upon my buttocks, my stupor the blessed release from all the stress of any ordinary life. Yes I needed this correction as a reminder that I may only be flesh but through my flesh I can achieve an awareness far greater than myself with the guidance of my beloved Master.

Establishing the I had endure enough both pain and the pleasurable release that it brought, Master gently warmed his hands by massaging the raw "badges" that he had bestowed upon me.  Finding satisfaction in his handiwork, my Master grabbed me by my collar and hungrily kissed me and praised me for how well I handled my punishment. Holding one another he told I am truly his One.

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again ...excellent work !