I Definitely Love Rubber Boots

I have been a rubber boot lover since the age of 9.  As a boy I wore them most of the time, especially loved wearing them to school and all day in school.  When I came home I'd sneak upstairs to my bedroom and spend more hours in them.  The hotter and sweatier my feet got in them, the better I loved them.  When I was in my mid teens I got my first pair of rubber hip waders.  My excuse was that I needed them for fishing as my father loved to take the family every weekend on fishing trips.  However, I spent much more time in them in my bedroom than I ever did at the river or lake.  I spent a lot of time wondering why rubber boots turned me on and figuring I was the only person who was that strange.  I still can't explain it and don't even try.  I love wearing rubber boots and especially hip rubber boots - I accept it and embrace it. And I do enjoy being "different" from the pack.  I love everything about rubber boots - the look, the feel - both the sweaty insides and the smooth dry outsides, the smell, the sounds they make when I walk, the way they squeak on a tile floor - they are very very sensual to me.  Most days will see me spend several hours in rubber hip boots, pulled up high, fastened in place.  I wear them inside and out but find wearing them indoors to be the best - absolutely no reason to wear them except that I love wearing them.  I like to keep them clean and dry (on the outside) while I fill the insides with sweat.   I wear 2 pairs of heavy socks in them to add to the comfort.  I'm hot and comfy in a pair of black rubber hip waders this afternoon as I write.  I would love to hear from other guys who also love their rubber boots.  Who knew there'd be so many others?????
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Before puberty I would browse the Sears and Penney's catalogs. I was fascinated with the cool models who wore anything that looked rugged and masculine: work clothing, hip bots and waders. Soon after, it blew my mind when my cousin got a pair of Servus Troller hippers. I'd pedal my bicycle over to his house, wear them to the barn, or just stand there in the back room where they hung, pulling them on if no one was home.
Then, when I got in high school, we had Farmer Day to show school spirit (we were a consolidation of five small country schools), so I would wear my Dad's overalls, with my own coveralls and the hippers borrowed from my cousin. Imagine ny surprise when there came more than just an erection in all that gear!

I've soent more money on eBay, buying and selling hip boots and waders, keeping things interesting with different brands, styles and colors. But now I finalky have what I've always wanted: a vintage pair of hippers exactly like my cousin had (only insulated) and a matching set of Servus Nirtherner waders. I may be in my late 50s and don't get the physical reaction anymore, but there's still a great feeling when I wear them. lendl

I remember the images too, with guys in all sorts of boots and rubbers. Actually I was excited about Tingley Storm rubbers from the first time I saw them and hip boots blew me away. Good stuff.

my love for waders started before puberty never new why but always found myself staring at them if they were being worn or just setting there in the corner

Rubber Boot fan, since I was in Elementary school. Especially when the girls wore White and <br />
Red Rubber ones. I liked the heavy ones, the sound they made and the look was on early<br />
turn on. The strap ones were popular and go for alot on the famous Auction site.<br />
I still have a collection of vintage RBs for women to wear. Especially love White, Red <br />
and Colorful ones.<br />
<br />
I bought my late wife many pairs, probably just under 2 dozen. She wore them <br />
out to dinner, recall knee-high Red Rubber ones, one guy in the restaurant<br />
was staring at them, don't think knew what he was eating. <br />
<br />
Wore for me often before relations. One summer we did it on a rubber sheet, she just <br />
wearing yellow with white trim ones, remember they were slapping on my ***. Liked it.<br />
Back then hard to find them, looked all over, also she had wide calves. Was forced to<br />
take some back to the store. Now colorful wellies and the like are all over. <br />
<br />
My current friend has wide feet, 8 EE. Having trouble finding that fit, luckily found size 9 at WalMart<br />
that worked. See her weekends, would like to find a lady near MD/PA Line who wears<br />
Rubber Boots for weekdays. Have several RB groups elsewhere on Net.<br />
If I was surrounded by women wearing RBs, I would surrender..

Goog question, I would change to my sneakers from my waiders when I got to my locker at school. I'd also take off my green OD reversable to yellow rubber 3/4 length raincoat and let it drip with the waiders in my locker. <br />
Thinkinking about scouting, yes, campouts in the rain were just super with all of us in our nice rain slickers, rubber of course and many of us in nice rubber boots or at least wearing rubbers over our Converse sneakers - ah, the wonderful memories!<br />

This is very encouraging. Rubber boots became a turn-on for me when I started to go to Scout Camp. I loved it when we went camping in the rain because out came the rubber boots and black rubber ponchos and ground sheets. I was in heaven lying on the cold ground between my warm male friends with the smell of our rubber camping gear permeating the air and my hand firmly on my ****. Oh yes.

Good to hear from you vinyl guy. Always great to connect with other guys who love their rubber boots and waders. Email me at hiprubberboots@hotmail.com if you want to talk further.

Nice Hip Boot and Wader stories Hiprubber boot guy and Booted Jimmy guy ! I too like the things you do in rubber and always knew you need clean pairs of rubber hip boots for indoor fun and maybe a dirty muddy pair for outside river fun. Not too many guys into the total fetish of the smell, feel, look, and sweat. Wish there was more. It would be fun to have the 3 of us meet on a private farm with lots of woods, mud and a pond or river. We could have fun all night long. As you both know through the years different rubber manufacturers have made different hip waders and chest waders, some with nice soft rubber, others real industrial, some cut nice, etc. I guess we get to be coniseurs of rubber after a while. I guess I have to start wearing my boots to bed to be like you guys. I also have rain suits and other gear too. Take care......Tim Chicago

Great story, man. So did you actually wear those waders in school or did you change into your sneakers? I'd love to hear more about your rubber boot adventures. hiprubberboots@hotmail.com

I too am head-over-heels about rubber boots! I've had them since I was a kid and I used "working around the garden" as an excuse to buy a nice new part of Ball Band top lace boots - still have them. <br />
<br />
I did everything in those boots, wow and I mean everything. I'd wear them till they were just wet inside and I'd scrub and clean the outsides till they were perfect! <br />
<br />
I moved to nice light brown rubber hip boots when I was in high school because they'd be useful "in the rain" but of course I just wanted them! I'd wear those hip boots to bed all the time and the feel of the slick rubber was just amazing.<br />
<br />
Quickly I added a pair of chest waiders in case I wanted to go fishing, "cuz all the boys had them" - right! I used to make it a point to bike to school on days with heavy rain and ended up wearing my brown rubber raincoat with my backpack inside with my sneakers and my chest waiders as I peddled away. So cool!<br />
<br />
I added a pair of Tingley rubbers to protect my sneakers and they're just fantastic, look and feel.<br />
Next, I went for the five buckle black rubber boots that go over shoes. These seemed reasonable because they fit over my workboots - but of course, I just wanted them.<br />
<br />
I use the black rubber things to protect my workboots and sneakers any time I'd do anything outside like digging in the dirt or watering - afterall, I did have to protect my sneakers right?<br />
<br />