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In The Marsh With Boots On ...

here we are me and my bf in the marsh.we are in a secluded spot we are wearing knee high rubber boots and it is dark!!!we start kissing hes feeling my c--k and I am feelin his we stop and put on black rubber gloves.yes they are a turn on to the both of us..we start kissing each other and feeling each other again..we are both getting h--d.we start undresssing each other. more and more clothes comeing off we are throwing on them on the ground.they are getting dirty but hey we dont care they can always be washed..we are getting into it more our shirts are off our pants are down around the boots he goes down on his knees he starts su-king my c--k oh man the scene is so dam hot he grabs some lube he puts some on his fingers he starts putting his fingers in my a-s..he changes between one to three fingers.opening me bf has a 7 inch c--k and about 1 and 1/2 around..when I am about ready to *** brcause of his expert bj skills.he stops stands up and shuffles around behind me..his d--k is nice and hard and he starts putting it in to me..he gets it all the way inside and we are just standing there hes stroking me with one hand and pinching my nipples with the other one ..alternating between the two.this is just fantastic. he starts f--king me and I just love it..he keeps going faster and faster slamming it in to me harder and harder while pinching my nipples before you know it I am ******* my fluid shoots out of me 3 or 4 feet.and then my bf **** in my a-s...we both collaspe on the ground his d--k shrinking comeing out of my a-s!!! we are both laying there panting and as soo as our breathing returns to normal we switch places..after I have come inside him and after we recover we are just sitting in the marsh and we start at it again we were there until the sun came up and we went to thelocal resturaunt stinking of male sex and we still had our muddy clothes should of seen the was fantastic..but we didnt care we had a great night.we had a fantastic breakfeast.....
zarda9 zarda9 46-50, M 4 Responses May 27, 2012

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Sounds great - tell us about what kind of rubber boots!

rubber hip boots!!

thank you for the comments...yea rubber gloves are a turn on exspecially the shoulder length ones...

Wow what a night! And even better that you were both wearing rubber boots and gloves.

Great tale ! There should be a whole separate section here on the delights of wearing thick smooth rubber gloves for sex :)