My Wife Continues To Take Control

“Go and get my Hunter wellies and make sure they are clean. We are having company this afternoon and I think we should both wear our rubber boots. I think you should wear your waders, oh, and bring that rubber swim cap from my drawer in the bedroom”. My mind is racing and I can feel the blood pumping in my temples as I checked her Hunters and give them a quick wipe of the muddy remnants from our walk in the woods yesterday. Is it Dave that’s coming or has she been chatting on the internet again with some more rubber and boot fans. I feel a little sick with anticipation as I pull on my rubber waders and look in the drawer for her swim cap, the white one with the chin strap.
I return to the lounge to find my wife dressed in her rubber corset, stockings and shoulder length rubber gloves. “What are you doing with your clothes on?, get ******** naked and then put your waders back on.” I remove my waders and drop them to the floor and begin to undo my jeans to remove them and the rest of my clothes, I notice my wife pick up my waders and hold them lovingly to her chest and begin to inhale the aroma, the sight of her doing this really turns me on and my penis is swelling and my balls ache. “Now put these Marigold rubber gloves and the swim cap on.
I obey her commands and dread to think what I look like wearing only waders, rubber gloves and swim cap. I was soon to find out as I heard the 'click' of the digital camera taking my picture as I was fastening the chinstrap of the bathing cap. “Perhaps we should post these on the internet to let everyone see what you are really like.” “What do you mean really like?” “A **** sucking rubber slave, I wonder what the neighbours would think, now get on your knees and pull my wellies on.” I do as she commands and she looks fantastic in all her rubber wear and rubber wellies. “You can kiss them”. I bend my head to the foot of her boot and kiss the rubber toecap, first the left boot then the right. “That will do! ... We don’t want you getting carried away before my guests arrive, DO WE?”
I am kneeling on the floor at my wife’s feet as she is sat on the sofa, her legs are slightly apart and her bald smooth ***** is on show and looking swollen and hot. She drops her knees wider and tells me to get closer and smell her love juices, “BUT don’t touch.” My face is only millimetres from her warm wet ***** and I can smell the fragrance of her love juices, ‘Click’ another photo of my rubber clad head between her legs. I am longing to protrude my tongue into her ***** and flick it up across her clitoris, but for some strange reason I feel I have to obey my wife’s commands; she has a power over me, a power that only occurs when we are playing our rubber games.
My mind is working overtime, who is my wife expecting? What is she going to make me do? Will she post the photos?
Go and make a cup of tea while we wait for Dave and his mate! ‘Click’ another photo
To be continued
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

A very sexy story promising more to come (we all hope)!

Sounds like you're in for some delightful times :)