Just Bought Two More Today

I tend to love things that my toddler loves...mainly because it makes me happy to see the simple things that bring him so much joy.  Like rubber duckies.  He's not yet two years old and he already has quite the collection...probably over a dozen.  And I bought two more today.  They were a matching set, "Rubber Duckie Lovers" for Valentines Day ~ a red one and a pink one, both covered in little kiss marks.  And he has a pink one that supports Breast Cancer Awareness.  One that is dressed like a sailor.  One with a tiny heart.  Two "standard" rubber duckies.  A whole bunch of little "baby ducks" and one REALLY HUGE duck (bigger than the size of my head). 

For his first birthday, I actually baked him a cake that was in the shape of a rubber ducky ~ OMG, it was one of the hardest things to do...the frosting kept melting off the side of the duck's head and I ended up icing that damn cake probably a half dozen times...so much frosting!  Somehow, still, it was delicious and the children all loved it. 

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8 Responses Feb 13, 2008

I was thinking the same thing. :)

I always liked to think that it was also because I appear younger:)

Something like this has happened to me, with my oldest too. When we would eat out at a restaurant, they would always try to hand him the check. He always did appear to be older than he was because he is just a big, strong boy.

One time I was somewhere with my oldest son who was 20, and my baby son. A woman started to talk to us and from what she was saying, we realized that she thought I was the mother, and that my oldest was the father of the baby that was with us. We just cracked up, although it was creepy! The remark was something about the baby looking like his daddy. Of course he looked like him. He was his brother!

I had my first when I was (barely) twenty myself. Two boys, 18 years apart.

My dear gilrl I had my first when I was 20 and my last when I was 40, so I'd have to say that we are in the same boat!And, my next- to -the-last was when I was 39, so those were a couple of busy years. <br />
<br />
It was very hard to send my last to college this year, because I had had a child at home for 38 years!

My oldest is a Freshman in college...so I feel for you. <br />
<br />
Yes, I know...shocking. One in diapers and one in college. :)

My baby is a freshman in college this year, and after 5 kids I've finally got the empty nest that I so dreaded. Enjoy that little guy and the rubber ducks! I can tell from your story that you really will.