Duck Fight.

I have a collection of rubber ducks. So what? Silly? Yes. Hypercoolsuperneatobadass? Yes. Take that!

I have a pirate duck, vampire duck, sailor duck, green beret duck, queen duck, king duck, baby duck, rock duck, mexican duck (has a poncho on), and a gaggle of others. The best one is my Lakers duck.  Ducks kick ***. 

Newest add: Ninja duck. Had a neighbor get it from the swapmeet (the one off of Valley in Industry-For the SoCal folks) I shall now fight the Ninja duck with the Pirate duck. We shall finally settle the debate: Ninja v Pirate, with a duck brawl. Stay tuned for results.


EricS EricS
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5 Responses Sep 19, 2008

yeah i collect them to i love the decorated ones by bud and i love my duck vadar one they are so kool xx

she'll get over it lol

My ex mother-in-law noticed that I had a king and queen rubber duck sitting in the bathroom. She used to sell at one of our many local swap meets, so she started getting them for us. <br />
<br />
Serio: When me and the ex split; we split, the rubber duck collection. She got the Dodgers duck and I got the Lakers duck. Her mom was mad that I kept half of them. =/

i say collect away!

Duck Power! QUACK!