Rubber Glove Panty Liner

This writing is about my rubber glove panty liner that I wear most of the time, which some would say that I am crazy and/or a little strange, but who cares they normally don’t know I have one on. But I find myself in pleasure when wearing my rubber glove panty liner throughout the day and some time while I sleep at night too and nobody knows. I can tell you that I have so many wonderful fantasies of being totally cladded in rubber, but having my rubber glove panty liner on will do just fine for me for at least for now. So after waking up in the morning from a good slumber of sleep and start prepping myself to go to work, I start by finding the right pair of rubber gloves to use as panty liner, now we must find the pair that is really soft, smooth, and stretchy. This will ensure that I feel the total wealth of rubber next to me and get a nice moist feeling from wearing it all day; it also gets you really horny too from time to time. Most of the time when wearing the rubber glove liner I have a feeling of “I get more done at work because I am wet and slippery down there” which to me seems really good and productive for the company. Now let’s see how to put on a rubber glove panty liner, it’s real easy to put on and for us GURLs it sort of hinds that little boy thing from others to look at and gets it all excited for the whole day.

You must first find yourself a good fitting control panty or girdle panty or even a good firm fit panty this will help keeping the liner in place and from moving when you do, well some things from moving. Once you have that panty you so desire the next thing is the pair of rubber gloves, this is an important and ever going process to find that perfect pair of rubber gloves for comfort and feeling of it move next to your Clitty (Boy Thing). I usually pick a glove that is at least 12” long or longer and unlined on the inside; so I can turn them inside out for a really soft feel, or maybe ones that are smooth on the outside too. The best way to test them is to get the glove a little wet with water and rub it next to your bare skin, if it glides this is a good one, but if it kind of feels like it pulling you skin then you may want to use a different pair of gloves. I have found that the ones that pull can be tamed a little by using powders, lubes, or maybe even creams; personnel pick here, but try them on first then go from there.
Now you have panty and rubber gloves in hand this is where you will put them on, it does take a little skill and practice to master it. First start by putting on the control panty or girdle and only go up to your knees or so, spread your legs to hold the panty in place so they don’t fall down; next place the rubber gloves together with the fingers pointing down with the right hand glove next to the clitty and the left hand glove on top of the right hand glove. I usually place the palms of the gloves together to form a pocket for the balls with the finger touching the sweet spot between the balls and boy *****, so sensitive there, now pull up the panty to hold the finger and palm portion of the gloves next to you. Now with that being held you can take your clitty and pull into place at a slightly off-center of you and then spread the gauntlet part of the rubber gloves to smooth out the front, then pull the rest of the panty up over that and straighten the waist band and whatever else needs adjusting. Now that the rubber glove panty liner in place you may need to adjust it prior to walking or sitting, this would be a good time to make necessary adjustment and smooth out any bumps or wrinkles that may have formed before you get dressed. There you are; you are now wearing a rubber glove panty liner and as you go through the day the warm moist feeling will drive you crazy with horniness, I know it does me.

Now there is another option of tucking your clitty down between your legs and hiding it there, with the rubber glove panty liner smoothing out the whole front look, but remember to make sure you don’t pull your clitty to tight; leave a little slack for walking and sitting. It still feels good when you walk and the moisten finger tips of the gloves rub your clitty, you may have an accident, then things really get slippery and messy. I have used a few rubber items as liner also, the best that I have found is a latex balloon which is 8” in diameter deflated(this is a really big latex balloon), a little bit of powder and it gives you a smooth wet feeling all day and the feeling is so slippery if you rub it. Another rubbery item is a nice latex swimming cap, the ones that don’t have a chin strap on them, yes another smooth wet slippery feeling. So if you are a part-time rubberist who needs his or her sometimes fix of wearing something rubbery then a good old rubber glove panty liner is what you may need. I know I need it all the time and give you that rubbery feeling and nobody will ever know you have it on even if it squeaks a little when you move.

Happy rubber glove panty liner time!!!!!
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I so love to do that.....Its my way of foreplay during my day.When i get home i get all my clothes off except the panties and rubber gloves.Then i slip into a pair of rubber hip that time the wet rubber gloves inside my panties are pushing out......i sometimes pull on another pair of rubber gloves to handle the ones in the pants.......They are very wet usually.......i take them out of the panties and place them on my nose and face......Then...well...i cannot resist to **** and ***.......all over the gloves and boots......A secret!!!! I cover the *** dirty gloves by wrapping them in the other pair of rubber gloves i am wearing.......I keep the mixture inside the gloves for a few days then re-use it as dirty stinking lube......very dirty and smelly!!!

I'll be a play mate

Wow I like the idea of that I would love to clad you in rubber. I wear diapers 24 / 7 both for necessity and enjoyment I sometimes wear rubber or pvc pants over the top. But sometimes I just wear the pants when I feel the need for relief. I also love to pleasure myself whilst wearing a pair of rubber gloves the sort you use for the washing up. Anyway thanks for listening and keep rubberised

Thank you for your comments and yes I have been cladded from head to toe a few times and it felt so wonderful to be encased in rubber, the best parts was when I went to the back yard and took a little dip in the pool, the feel of the water pushing all against your cladded skin, mmm love swimming in rubber clothing, wish I had a playmate to do it with...