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I love wearing rubber pants to pee in. I have worn them to the bar when I'm going to drink a lot of beer. When I get enough on board & I get the urge to pee when I absolutely cannot hold it  any longer I'll let go & fill the rubber pants up with pee. Usually  about a pint & 1/2. Of course the pee leaks out into my pants & you can tell I peed all over my self. Of course rubber pants were meant to be peed in. When some of the people saw my wet pants they just smiled but didn"t say anything. I guess they realized that in a bar something like that sometimes happens. I wear rubber pants to the bar all the time & love the feeling of the pee sloshing around in them on the way home. I LOVE RUBBER PANTS & THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT!!!!!!! 

bedwetter2 bedwetter2 31-35, M 6 Responses Sep 27, 2009

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i would never change athing keep on wearing i get off on it

Your are absolutely right, BW2. Rubber pants were made to be peed in and rubber sheets were made to be peed on so why not go for it and enjoy it to the max. Great that you enjoy that so much. I enjoy it too! Stay wet and be happy!

I like to wear rubber pants, too. I sometimes wear diapers and rubber panties, and I love them. I love the feel of wetting them and feeling the pee inside the diapers.

The above comment should read with pee & *** every night

Ditto--Love filling my rubber pants & rubber sheets with pee every night

That is awesome. I love to wear my rubber pants and pee and *** in them. I wear rubber pants every day, and to bed every night. I flood the bed every night, and J/O multiple times every night also.