Rubber And Leather

As they speed by like knights of old, modern motorcyclists wear sleek armor made of leather instead of iron. Some bikers choose humdrum black, but the canyon racers don colorful full body leathers that are colorfully bright and sublimely tight. Had to have a suit like that. 

As they descend to the depths their slick rubber SCUBA suits presented another style of armor to protect them from the cold. Wet, slippery and cozy. Had to have a suit like that too.

As the shiny black of polished latex spans skin-tight across the body, a latex cat suit presents a wonderfully different, stretchy, feely, all-covering sensation, superior to thicker SCUBA neoprene. There is no way to dress that is more sheer and sensual.

Now, let's kick the fun up an notch. Think about the cozy confining stretch of latex with the added weight, aroma and feel of quality leather. It's not as easy as it sounds. By nature, latex has a high coefficient of friction and resists gliding into the leather suit. A good solution is a skin tight Under Armor layer that easily stretches over the latex cat suit and gently glides into the leather. You are going to notice rivulets of sweat trickling inside the latex if you suit up in warm weather. In cooler times the fun can be dry.

It's time to sling your leg over the bike, fire up the throb of the engine and ride. Rubber, leather and motorcycles... you're in for a triple treat!

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Jul 16, 2010