Latex Total Enclosure

The cat suit offers the opportunity for wonderful experience of total rubber enclosure. Getting in quickly is a lot of fun but it does take a little practice.

The first step is to dust a little corn starch baby powder down the suit legs into the feet. That allows you to grab that wonderful stretchy material and gently glide your legs into that cool dark void, filling it completely. Then you get a special erotic feel as the suit comes in contact with the sensitive areas of your crotch... cool, smooth, stretchy and snug.

The next step is a little powder on your shoulders. This lets the material slide effortlessly over the shoulders. If you're working alone, a front zip is easier entry and exit. Pull up the back and carefully begin to zip. Be sure and keep your vital parts out of the zipper.

Now, you're enclosed except for the hands and head so it's time for those shiny black gloves. Again, just a little power and the hands slip easily inside. By now the rich, rewarding feel of your new rubber second skin all over your body is really getting you aroused, but you're not there yet, so restrain the excitement. It just keeps getting better!

Now, grab your mask and stretch it over your head from the top at the back. With practice the eyes and nostrils will match the holes perfectly. My mask has no whole for the mouth, so your tongue can gently caress the inside as the saliva lubricates the interior. The aroma makes your nostrils flare and signal your libido that it's almost time.

Since your eyes and nostrils still have access to the outside air, you still haven't quite achieved total enclosure. To get there, it's time pull out the gas mask and slide it over the rubber hood.

Now you're there... total enclosure! Ready for the exhilaration of dressing your partner in latex or perhaps simply making love alone. You can unzip several different ways to make it happen.

Whatever you do, be sure and have fun.

Check my pictures for the fashionable result. Also take a look at the white hot fetish and my other stories.
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Mmmm, yes! Although, I Like my gloves and hood attached and also a mouth opening. A couple of my suits also have an attached C/B sheath an button hole opening in the rear. I put a small key ring in the hole of the zipper clasp and use a snap ring on a cord to pull the zipper up then remove it when I'm all closed in. The first time I ever made love to another man wee were both wearing one of my suits like this.

Yeah its a special feeling. I don´t do it very often, as they cost a fortune, and will tear easy if u´r not careful.