Under My Rubber Translucent Rubber Nurse Dress.................

Under my rubber translucent rubber nurse dress, with long back zip, I love to wear my black rubber sheath black rubber corselette and rubber stockings with my pink rubber corset and suspenders. Wearing sterile rubber gloves I administer rubber breathing to my girl friend and insert a rubber catheter, she loves to wear a translucent rubber leg bag and fee it getting heavier and heavier.  I empty it for her of course and while she is lying on her rubber operating gynie table the rubber catheter empties into a rubber bottle.  She has a tightly strapped medical rubber mask connected via a twin black corrugated tubes to a 1960's Blease Ventilator.  It's wonderful to see the rubber lung working with the black rubber re-breathing bag filling and re-filling as she is forced to breathe.  She also wears rubber stockings, corset, sheath panties and long line bra and tight black rubber hood laced at the back.  She loves prolonged rubber enclosure and so ready for mutual rubber rubbing pleasure and rubber gloved finger insertions.

Dressing each other is so pleasurable before before our sessions and many hours pass in a flash.................

I hope you enjoy reading this even just a little as much as we do.  Ooh, just thought, she is coming over on Sunday so I'm off to bed now and will wear a pair of black rubber sheath panties (with drain tube at the tip) under my floaty double layered pretty nylon nightie and a softly filled bra.  I have the rubber bottle hanging beside the bed with red rubber tubes ready to be filled during the night.

If anyone is interested in how to add a short drain tube to your rubber sheath please ask!

Nikki x
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Loved the story and the tutorial, thanks.

great story. wish I could be your next "patient" thanks for the great read.

Thank you for your interest - how could anyone not be interested!

To add a most desirable drain tube you will need 3/8" rubber tubing, your finished tube about 3/4" long, a plastic plug to fit the tube, a 3/16" hole punch - the rod type - and some Super Glue.

Practice on a spare sheet of rubber first in case it goes wrong on your precious rubber sheath! The trick is to insert the 3/4" tube into the stretchy rubber sheet with about 1/16" on the inside, carefully add Super Glue to this small ring of rubber and snap it back so you have a neat and secure join. It's very important to clean all surfaces carefully of course.

When you feel confident make your hole in your rubber sheath at the very tip with your hole punch and hit it only once otherwise it can make an oval hole.

I make my plastic plugs on a lathe for a nice fit and finish, maybe, if there is enough interest, I could offer this service - suggestions welcome! I also make plastic joiners to extend the tube to a modified rubber bottle for pee and fluid collection.

I hope this is useful and you can wear your lovely rubber sheath pants for lots of pleasurings and relief without having to take them off! I also have a small rubber suction bottle handy.

Nikki x

Hi, yes, I am asking.

What a nice way to spend an evening