Pretty Easter Dresses

Just came home from shopping and looking at all those pretty, frilly, Easter dresses that are out on the racks. It made me want to cry that I couldn't buy any for myself.

SissyCheryl SissyCheryl
4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I adore pretty easter dresses, would love to wear one and practice my curtsies

Easter dresses are pretty and would be fun to wear. Keep looking and soon you will find a way to get one.

I have always loved Easter dresses. Starting in grade school I would borrow them from girls in my neighborhood to wear.

Thanks, Jennifer for the comment. The dresses I've looked at online are usually so darn expensive, but I'm willing to keep looking for something affordable. Still, it would be nice to buy something so nice and frilly off the rack, now and then. I guess there is part of me that wants the experience of carrying it through the store and checking out with the dress.