Accidentally In Love (with Rugby)

I have never played rugby, and never had an interest in it until about 4 or 5 years ago. Basically I dated (one after the other, not together!) two guys who were rugby mad. They lived, breathed, watched and played rugby. And in order to spend any time with either of them, well I had to start watching it. And I just got into it and LOVED it.

OK, I think rugby is a very sexy sport. All that "controlled aggression" - well, most of the time! And the guys who play it, they are real men. They don't fake injuries or fall over and roll on the floor when someone taps their little toe! In fact, they often get injured and play through the injury until a suitable place to stop and receive treatment. Its very sexy for a man to be so physical and aggressive one minute, and then the whistle blows and they shake each other's hands and go for a pint...!

Most of all, I love the atmosphere at a rugby match, especially an international. All the fans mixed together, not segregated like they are in football, people drinking together and having fun and just generally enjoying the game going on in front of them.

Really looking forward to when we host the 2015 world cup, that is going to be simply amazing!!!

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Yes ! You've seen the rugby men are good blokes! England 2015 will be great, looking at coming over just for it!!

Learning to love it. I had an affair with a rugby mad bloke. And through a variety of encounters I realised I really like men who like rugby. <br />
<br />
My son has just turned old enough (in my opinion) to start doing sport at the weekend. I signed him up for football, but on the first day he was a little tearful (nerves, shyness). I started to tell him "Hey stop, there's no crying in football" - but then I remembered that there IS! I saw a rugby coaching group out on the same field and signed him up. <br />
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I still don't know much about rugby but I'm learning. I'd kinda like to learn how to play myself. I'm probably too old to play, but I'm pretty tough.

RUGBY!! FOR THE ******* WIN!!! YEAH!! I love rugby! Better than American Football, but American football is fun when you have no other option for a rough sport...<br />
Man I love Rugby especially driving the ball as hard as you can forward

Scrum down and HEEEEEAAAVVVEE!!

I love it too! I'm at my happiest when I'm sat at Twickenham singing my heart out with 75,000 other liked minded people. Plus rugby pla<x>yers are much better looking than footballers! Ben Cohen and Lewis Moody being prime examples of gorgeous rugby pla<x>yers!