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Maybe Like Is More Appropriate?

The six nations and the world cup, yes.  but have not started supporting our local team yet.

I am english and my husband welsh.  Makes for a fun afternoon.
avatarunknown avatarunknown 51-55, F 12 Responses Feb 11, 2011

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who are you rooting for

And where? You have the fixtures list.

And where? You have the fixtures list.

done,say when !

Bed and breakfast for ten of us ok? We usually watch together.

come with the barmy army

If I can get the time off work, is it OK to bring my husband?

come down for the world cup..

Italy beat france and we all cheered

Have a couple of friends we have watched with before. This year been introduced to some others. All coming to ours next saturday for the first time.

italy beat france

I don't know anything about the club teams either. Six Nations and the World Cup are as far as I've ventured so far. :)